The 5 rules to follow to find love online

Looking for love online can be intimidating for some. However, this is a method like any other to make dating more easily. To ensure that the links forged online are strong and reliable, it is important to follow 5 key rules.

Rule number 1: let’s stop being picky

Everyone wants to find the perfect partner… no one is perfect, including us. It is therefore important not to be too strict from the start. Having selection criteria is good. To have too much, a little less. So let us give ourselves the chance to discover the person with whom we are talking and only then, judge whether the shared values ​​are those which are most important to us.

Rule number 2: Our profile, the mirror of our personality

The profile of the other is the first element we encounter when looking for love. It often says a lot about who we are. It is therefore important to ensure that the latter is like a reflection in the mirror. From the profile picture to the description, the efforts we put into them are never in vain.

A handy tip is to remember to ask questions in its description. “I love evenings with friends and white wine and you?” “,” Passionate about football, I am a great supporter of Manchester, which team do you support? “Etc. It is then possible to know who is taking the time to read your description and to break the ice very quickly.

Rule number 3: let’s be honest and listen to our intuitions

Unfortunately, a relationship based on a lie is a relationship that has little chance of lasting in the long run. Being honest with others is also being honest with yourself. Reinventing yourself to please the person you are talking to is therefore not the right strategy. Let us be ourselves and be proud of it. Having confidence in yourself and in our decisions shows great maturity of mind and is often a very attractive quality.

Rule number 4: Asking for advice is not synonymous with failure

No one has an infused science and seeking advice does not mean that one is incapable in love. On the contrary, it shows that we are ready to learn, and to ensure that the relationship continues. There are a thousand and one ways to get advice when you are in a situation where you need outside advice.

Some people prefer the attentive ear of a friend or even a relative. Others will prefer the advice of someone outside their circle of acquaintances. For the latter, it is possible to find advice on dating on blogs which have many articles on the subject. We can then compare the different tips and put our favorites into practice.

Rule number 5: Don’t forget to have fun!

The last rule and above all the most important is not to forget to take pleasure in our various online interactions. Let’s drop the redundant questions and answers (“how are you”, “what do you do for a living”) and add a little frivolity to our exchanges. Whether it’s thanks to a joke we heard at work in the morning, emoticons, a recipe we love … adding a little lightness in our messages does not hurt anyone.

This will also allow the person in front to open much more quickly. The idea being, to discuss as one would with his / her best friend / e.

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