The ABOX Massage Gun – Full Review & Test

The massage gun is a device that is revolutionizing the world of massage. Practical, it is used by several categories of people. You have certainly heard of massage guns before. On the market, you will find a variety of them except that only one stands out: the ABOX massage gun. Find out more!

Why is the Abox massage gun number 1 in sales?

If the ABOX massage gun has won over users, it is because it is full of potential. It has several advantages of uses, but the most recognized remains its effect on muscle pain. This massage gun acts on too stiff muscles, aches, as well as on soft tissues. Its vibrations facilitate blood circulation and eliminate toxins produced after sports activity such as lactic acid. Its use therefore accelerates muscle recovery.

It has 20 speed settings that allow its users to adapt the intensity to the muscle area being treated. It also has a autonomous battery. Made of lithium, the latter has a capacity of 2600mAh. The gun therefore has an autonomy of up to 5 hours. In addition, its system is designed so as not to heat up.

It is designed with a powerful and extremely quiet motor. With a power of 20 W, the latter allows it to easily reach the various speeds. It enjoys maneuverability and easy handling. This is justified by its lightness, and by its silicone handle, and non – slip. This feature allows better control of the device and prevents falls.

Where can I buy my Abox massage gun?

How to use the Abox massage gun?

Using a pistol is almost as easy as using your hands, it is even much more practical and efficient, because the movements are stronger and allow pain to be reached in depth.

  • To start, attach the gun head to the battery.
  • Turn on the gun and position it on the area you want to treat.
  • Pass it over the affected muscle. Press, without forcing of course, because the gun does all the work.
  • Once the area is localized tense, painful or sensitive. Don’t hesitate to spend more time on this one.
  • Make slow, steady movements. Change gears when necessary. This while enjoying the sensations. Just like you would during a classic massage.

What accessories are included with the massage gun?

The Abox massage gun is supplied with many accessories, which are intended to make its use even easier. In addition to the massage gun, you will find in the box:

  • the 4 interchangeable heads

The round shape which is convenient for lovers of yoga, aerobics, pilates, etc. It helps relax muscles in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, and legs. The conical shape concentrates vibrations in one place. It is perfect for reaching places such as the palms of the hands, the sole of the foot, and the heel.

The U-shape diffuses uniformly, the percussions in two points. It is useful for the shoulders, and the neck. The mushroom-shaped one exerts a regular pressure which intensifies in the center. It is ideal for the abdominal muscles, and the pecs.

Apart from these accessories you will also find the EU Charger, a portable bag and the user manual.

Who should use a massage gun for?

It can be used for everyone. However, some people in particular use it daily. These are:

  • Competitive athletes

They use it either for activate muscles as a prelude to an effort to reduce pain and increase performance. Or to recover after training.

  • Physiotherapist and Chiropractor

They use it for their patients. To speed up the recovery process and relieve their discomfort.

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