The Aliexpress site for its purchases, good or bad idea?

Aliexpress is the famous Chinese online sales site known for the wide variety of its catalog and its attractive prices. But what is it really worth? What about its reliability and the quality of the products on its store?

To find out, find out the basics of what you need to know about Aliexpress below, as well as our review of this Chinese e-commerce platform.

Presentation of the giant Aliexpress

Aliexpress is an e-commerce site attached to the famous Alibaba Group. Reputed to be the leader of Chinese online sales sites, the e-commerce platform operates comparable to Amazon with a few exceptions.

The site’s aim is to enable buyers from Europe and around the world to source directly from the Chinese market by buying from thousands of local businesses at low prices. However, you will note that AliExpress does not market anything in reality, but simply acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers or suppliers based in China.

Why is this platform very popular?

Aliexpress is prized for the richness of its catalog. The platform offers almost all types of products and thus guarantees that everyone can find the desired product without difficulty.

In addition, it has the merit of offering the lowest prices, defying all competition, with promotions and discounts on products.

Add to this the simple use of the platform, direct communication with suppliers, as well as the guarantees put in place by the site to protect the buyer.

Shopping yes, but with care

If the Aliexpress site has the merit of being reliable, the same cannot be said for the reputation of all its sellers. Therefore, if you plan to use the platform, do so very carefully to avoid any inconvenience. To protect you, Aliexpress has developed a series of criteria and rating systems that allow you to check the reliability of sellers operating on its site.

Pay attention to product quality

The products offered are not all illustrated by their quality, the latter varying greatly from one seller to another. Hence the need to always make sure you are buying from the right vendor to avoid getting caught with a poor quality product.

As a precaution, always check the credibility of the seller, his information, his evaluation score, his age on the site, the description of the products, the guarantees offered and the opinions of the customers via the posted comments (with supporting images) …

What should you choose to be sure not to have any bad surprises?

In general, we advise you to avoid purchasing overpriced or high value products through Aliexpress, at the risk of getting scammed. On the other hand, certain categories of products offer less risk of disappointments for their buyers. This is particularly the case for clothing, textiles, toys, certain electronic products and everyday accessories, etc.

Finally, is it a good or bad idea to buy on Aliexpress?

In short, using Aliexpress is a good idea if you want to get good business by buying products at a lower cost. However, keep in mind that their quality and guarantee is not comparable to that of the big Western brands, while making sure to take precautions in order to get the best possible experience from the site.

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