The Best Accessories for PS5 Controllers

The new DualSense Wireless Controller is the essential accessory you need to play the latest Sony Playstation 5 console.

It comes with other related accessories that are just as essential as the charging station and silicone protections, allowing you to charge and protect your precious controllers over the long term.

Focus on these best accessories dedicated to the controllers of the PS5.

Top 3 best accessories for PS5 controllers

The Orzly Duocharger charging stand and the KOETE silicone protectors, together with the official DualSense controller, form the top 3 of the best accessories for the PS5 controller.

The DualSense: the official controller for Playstation 5

The ergonomic design of the new wireless controller guarantees a comfortable grip. But above all, you are entitled to innovative and optimized features, designed to offer you a gaming experience as realistic as it is immersive.

It notably includes a 6-axis motion detector and a new Create button. But also an adaptive trigger, hepatic feedback, as well as an integrated speaker and microphone that increase your sensations tenfold and allow you to interact with the gaming environments.

The controller charging stand

The DualSense includes a battery that you will need to recharge in order to have the necessary autonomy to use it. In order to charge it easily, quickly and safely you will need a compatible charging station. This is what the Orzly Duocharger charging station offers you.

Compatible with the PS5 controller, it can charge 2 controllers simultaneously in 2.5 to 3 hours. The cradle uses intelligent charging protocols to ensure optimal protection against overcharging, as well as LED lights indicating the state of charge. It is supplied with 2 adapters and 2 USB type C cables.

Silicone protectors for controller

Your DualSense controllers are expensive, but also fragile. In order to take care of it and prevent them from being damaged, silicone protectors like those from the KOETE brand are essential for your PS5 controllers.

Specially designed for DualSense, the 2 rigid silicone KOETE protective skins protect your accessories against bumps, scratches, dirt and wear. Their non-slip design gives you a stable and comfortable grip, especially during intense gaming sessions.

How to choose your controller for the PS5?

The DualSense is currently the only controller with perfect compatibility with all of the game library available for the Playstation 5. You will not have any particular difficulty when choosing this accessory, as it does. There is only one officially produced by Sony in two colors (white and black).

That being said, you will still need to make sure you purchase your DualSense controller from a reliable physical or online store. When buying, you should also pay attention to the price which can vary more or less from one store to another.

What are the other accessories for a PS5?

In order to make your gaming experience even better, Sony has made its latest generation console compatible with a variety of interesting accessories. The non-exhaustive list of additional accessories includes in particular:

  • The HD camera with dual lens
  • The PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset, (third-party brand headsets and microphones are also compatible)
  • The PS5 multimedia remote control
  • Keyboards and mice with a USB port
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