The best advertising tools to attract at a trade show

Advertising is the best way to make yourself known. But you still need to equip yourself with good tools, especially when you attend a trade show. During such an event, potential competitors are on site. Your advertising tools must therefore distinguish you and attract customers. Here are 5 tools to get this result.

Inflatable POS to be clearly visible

Due to their large format and flashy character, inflatable POS displays are renowned for making your stand much more visible. They therefore know how to greatly increase the notoriety of your brand. In addition, they are offered in various formats.

Goodies as gifts always amaze

Goodies are certainly small items. But they are good ways to get people talking about your brand. Plus, everyone appreciates receiving them as gifts. So do not hesitate to apply them to any object capable of receiving a registration to offer them to your customers.

Forget the flyers that will go in the trash, think about social networks

For a long time, flyers have served as effective advertising tools. But today, ecology is on everyone’s mind. Suddenly, your flyers will no longer have their effect, because they will end up in the trash. Instead, turn to social networks to reach as many people as possible while saving money.

Demonstrations are the best advertisements

Demonstrations are an original way to get people talking about you. The idea is to show your customers on site how to use or apply a product. Thus, your customers will get an idea of ​​the use of the product on the spot.

Presence and personality: the keys to advertising

If, as a business owner, you yourself are present at the scene, it shows how often your customers are important. In addition, your personality towards customers is a key to getting people talking about you.

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