The best children’s brands: Smoby – Ecoiffier

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During early childhood, imitation toys such as marketers greatly contribute to children’s cognitive development by allowing them to reproduce scenes from the daily life of adults.

Why buy a children’s store?

Reproducing daily activities helps develop a child’s imagination and motor skills. In the case of the merchant, this toy projects your child into the world of commerce, as when he accompanies you to the market or to a supermarket.

It is possible to find merchant models with many accessories (cash register, basket…) allowing the child to project himself more easily, to vary the roles (customer, salesman…) and to change the game frequently.

The best merchant brands

There are many brands that offer imitation toys. To help you make the right choice, we present the three best children’s brands: Smoby, Ecoiffier and Klein.

The merchants of Smoby

Smoby welcomes in its catalog a beautiful variation of merchant for children aged 3 to 6 years. Smoby’s offer is thus divided across different thematic universes.

The classic Smoby shopkeeper offers the child to run his own supermarket and consists of a stall, an electronic cash register and a trolley. To decline this offer, there are “Super Market” and “Maxi Market” versions, allowing additional accessories to be added.

More original, the brand offers a “Coffee House” merchant with an espresso machine to become a cafe manager. Little girls will enjoy the Frozen Merchant with an ice cream machine to release and dispense their own ice cream.

The merchants of Ecoiffier

Ecoiffier offers, with the 100% Chef range, a catalog of merchant and kitchen toys suitable for children from 18 months. For merchants, the brand is part of the world of the market and the supermarket.

In the most complete kits, there are thus the “small fresh” and “the market gardener’s stand” to sell vegetables on the market and comprising in all 40 elements. The “Super Shop” on its side is a supermarket checkout with a card terminal.

In this range it is also possible to find many additional accessories to enrich the possibilities of play: fruit and vegetables, consumer products, market or supermarket trolley, etc.

Klein’s merchants

Specializing in imitation toys, the German brand Klein offers most of its catalog toys with a realistic appearance and under license with real brands: Bosch for DIY, Miele for the kitchen or Vileda for the household …

In the case of merchants, the offer is limited by offering only one Shopping Center kit which is composed of a touch screen cash register, an electronic fruit and vegetable scale, as well as a few accessories.

In addition you can find a supermarket trolley and a shopping basket, but unlike other brands, there is no stall on offer.

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