The Best Drilling / Screwdriving Sets for DIYers

Handyman looking for tools for your daily or occasional DIY activities? The drilling and screwing sets have everything you need without a doubt. But it is still necessary to be able to find the quality set, complete and at the best price among the multitude available on the market.

To make it easier for you, here we show you 3 of the best drilling and screwing kits for DIY enthusiasts.

Top 3 of the best drilling and screwdriving sets for DIY

To help you easily find the quality toolbox, complete and adapted to your needs, we have identified and selected for you the 3 best drilling and screwing kits for DIY enthusiasts according to users’ opinions.

Bosch Home and Garden 2607017193

This great Bosch brand box comes with no less than 83 separate tools. These include masonry drills, metal drill bits, various screwdriver bits, sockets and socket holders, a countersink, an adjustable wrench, a flashlight and many more.

The set is made of high speed steel, neatly stored in a compact and lightweight design case that is easy to carry.

Bosch Set 2608P00234 Premium Accessories

This Premium Accessory Kit by Bosch offers you a complete assortment of 76 tool pieces specially designed to simplify your various basic drilling and facial tasks.

It includes professional grade concrete drills, metal drills with titanium nitride coating and quick-change bit holders among others.

Ideally suited for working on concrete, wood and metal, the tools are arranged in a sturdy case, convenient for storage and transport.

Silverline case reference 868762

Undoubtedly the most complete and accessible set of the selection, this Silverline case offers an assortment of 204 accessories for screwing and drilling.

The extensive list includes around 110 variants of metal, wood and center drill bits. But also 47 screwdriver bits, 10 nut drivers, hole saws and many more. Besides this impressive quantity, the box is also distinguished by a fairly good price-performance ratio.

How important is having the right tools?

To carry out your DIY or professional projects of any size, owning and using the right tools makes sense in several ways.

Having the right quality tools will allow you to carry out your work with simplicity, precision and efficiency. They therefore partly ensure the success of your tasks.

In addition, the use of the right tools is also and above all a guarantee of your protection and integrity. They offer you greater safety and their proper use can limit the risk of accidents.

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