The Best Reasons to Choose a Unique Sound Identity for Your Business

Sound identity is a very effective communication tool used by businesses. It allows them to create sounds specific to their activities, in order to facilitate their recognition. If done well, sound identity has many benefits for society. What criteria should be used to create a good sound identity and what are the advantages?

It’s the first thing the customer hears and therefore remembers

In many situations, hearing function precedes visual function. Therefore, with an excellent sound identity, sound attracts the attention of the customer even before he is captivated by the sight of the products.

It is therefore the first element that the brain captures. And since music is seen as a universal code that softens, it anchors itself in the brain which holds it back and recognizes it everywhere.

To stand out from the competition

For the same product, there is a multitude of service providers, which can very often lose customers. Thanks to its sound identity, each structure brings a singularity that will allow its consumers to be able to differentiate it from others.

Therefore, sound branding fully integrates the marketing strategy of the company that develops it. It is a sign of distinction that allows you to stand out from the crowd and stand out from your competitors.

Create an emotional bond with your customers

The sound identity comes in several variants: waiting melody, music to welcome you, etc. Each time a person hears these sounds, they will spontaneously remember the company to which they are attached.

There is an emotional emotion that is created and that forever binds customers to the company. The sound identity therefore allows the company to leave an indelible mark on the minds of its target.

So how do you go about creating this sound identity?

To be effective and achieve the desired effect, the sound identity must be adapted to the profile of the company’s clientele. In addition, the type and content of the sound chosen must respect the principles and values ​​promoted by the brand.

In addition, the message and melody should be original, unique and easily perceptible. This will promote better retention by customers.

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