The best recipes for making your own washing-up liquid

For some ecological and economic reasons, it would be interesting to make your own washing-up liquid. This is the best alternative to avoid soaps made with toxic chemicals for your dishes. So, you already want to prepare your soap and do not yet know how to make it? In this article, discover simple tips that will help you reach your goal.

Recipes for making dish soap

There are two types of dish soap you can make at home. Dishwashing liquid with black soap and Marseille soap.

Dishwashing liquid with black soap

It is a recipe that is both ecological and sanitary. So, if you want to have dish soap that lathers well and is capable of degreasing, this type of soap is still the best choice. To be successful, you need:

  • 0.8 L of hot tap water,
  • liquid household black soap,
  • essential oil (20 drops) not photosensitizing,
  • baking soda and
  • white vinegar.

It should be noted that in addition to these ingredients, you will have to plan the equipment that will be used in the preparation. We note the bowl, tablespoon, funnel and bottle. The material gathered, now time for preparation. It should be remembered that it is easy to achieve. First, boil your water. Once ready, spill it into the bowl.

Then pour your baking soda, essential oil drops, and black soap into the boiled water and mix everything well. The baking soda should dissolve and then pour in the white vinegar and mix again.

Finally, when your mixture has cooled, use the funnel to pour it into the bottle. Your liquid dish soap is ready. Be careful, it is very viscous and very sparkling. With a small amount, your pots and dishes will be perfect.

Dishwashing liquid with Marseille soap

Just like the first recipe, this trick also combines ecology and health preservation. It is effective in degreasing your dishes and as you know, it is one of the best non-polluting recipes, because it mainly uses natural ingredients. Anyway, are you ready to do it yet? If so, start by bringing these ingredients together:

  • 0.8 L of boiling water,
  • 50 g of Marseille soap cut into fine pieces,
  • baking soda,
  • white vinegar,
  • 15 drops of essential oil of mint, lemon or tea tree.

Also, if you don’t have these ingredients, you can buy them at the market. They are available in all small and large markets. Don’t forget to buy your container, wooden spoon, saucepan and funnel. This is the material you will need to facilitate preparation. Also find the bottle in which you will keep your soap.

Once the essentials are available, we have to move on to preparation. It consists of putting Marseille soap cut into fine pieces in your container containing boiled water. Then add the baking soda and the white vinegar. The next step is to stir everything. Once cooled, pour in your essential oil drops and mix. If the result seems good to you, pour your soap into the bottle using the funnel.

Note: you must have your hands gloved throughout the preparation.

The guaranteed zero waste dishwasher recipe

There are several guaranteed zero waste dishwasher recipes.

The recipe for tablets

It is a better recipe to make for your daily life. It is healthy and preserves your health. The ingredients you need are baking soda, citric acid, of coarse salt and of the water. To succeed, you just need to replace your usual liquids with the white vinegar and the coarse in your dishwasher.

The powder recipe

This recipe is also healthy. It involves certain natural ingredients such as:sodium percarbonate, citric acid, white vinegar and the coarse salt. Once everything is mixed, you will need to put it in an airtight jar. The use is identical to the first recipe.

Citric Acid Free Powder Recipe

Entirely natural, this recipe, like the others, respects the environment. It adapts to everyone. Its ingredients are bicarbonate, thes powdered soda crystals, essential oils and fatl. To succeed, mix the ingredients and put everything in your dishwasher in place of the other chemicals.

Recipe by Béa Johnson

Taking inspiration from this recipe seems like a great idea. It is a good practice that you can adopt every day. To achieve it, you need the soda crystals, fine salt and citric acid. Its preparation joins the powder recipe and is used like the powder recipe.

Why make your Home Made dish soap that respects the environment?

It is important to take your washing up liquid at home to preserve Firstly his environment and his health. It is safe on the skin and you prevents certain diseases caused by toxic chemical mixtures. Secondly, it’s much more economic. In short, the ingredients used in the preparation of recipes for washing dishes are at hand. They are available everywhere.

Ultimately, use these recipes to do your dishes while preserving both your health and nature.

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