The Best Yogurt Makers for Homemade Yoghurts

To prepare delicious homemade yogurts and desserts easily and inexpensively, there is nothing more practical than a yogurt maker. Check out our selection of the best homemade yogurt makers to help you find the right model for your needs.

Top 3 best yogurt makers

So many choices, most yoghurt makers are very similar and have the same functionality. But some stand out with particular options. Here are 3 yogurt makers that have convinced many cooks

Lagrange 439101

The model stands out for its ease of use, precision and versatility. You can program the yogurt maker for up to 3 p.m.

In addition, it incorporates an electronic timer and stops automatically at the end of the program, which is convenient for cooking.

Supplied with 7 customizable jars (185 g), Lagrange allows you to make a multitude of recipes, whether with whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk.

Seb Multidélices Express Yogurt Maker

This Seb Multidélice Express yoghurt maker is designed with 5 preparation programs allowing a very varied choice of possible dessert recipes.

Its 4-hour Yogurt Express mode combined with its steam technology helps you make successful desserts that you can enjoy in no time. It comes with 6 jars (140 ml) and a simple recipe book included.

Moulinex YG231E32 Yogurteo yogurt maker

This Moulinex Yogurteo yogurt maker is designed to be practical and easy to use. With this model, you can make up to 7 jars of delicious desserts in a single preparation.

The device incorporates an LCD screen for easy handling. In addition, its timer with automatic shut-off function and beep is programmable for 15h and helps you better control preparation time.

What are the advantages of making your own yogurt?

Note that there are several advantages to making your own yogurt. In particular, the fact that they are good for your health and healthier, but not that. Homemade yoghurts allow you to have control over the quality of the ingredients used and to exclude the preservatives and chemical additives common in industrial yogurts.

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