The city that wants to reduce private car trips

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Zurich is renowned for having one of the most efficient, reliable and modern transportation systems in the world. The city gives you access to a variety of modes of transport, allowing you to keep your car use to a minimum while ensuring your daily mobility efficiently.

Depending on your needs and your location, you can let yourself be driven by a private driver or use the many modes of public transport. But you can also and above all opt for more ecological alternatives such as cycling, which is very popular in Zurich.

Don’t take yours anymore, take a private driver

Rather than driving your own car, limit your trips and choose a car with a driver. Rental services provide vehicles with private drivers.

Since they have to drive for you, you might as well leave your car in the garage and make a driver reservation for your trips to Zurich. Listening to your every need, a private driver will be perfectly able to ensure your transport with all the comfort, prestige and security you could wish for.

Methods of transportation

Red train Zurich Switzerland

You can count on the compact public transport offer to optimize your trips and limit the use of your car in Zurich.

Depending on whether you live in the city center or its surroundings, there is no shortage of alternative transport to your car to ensure your trip wherever you want to go in Zurich.

Depending on your journeys and your needs, you can reach the various points of the city by traveling by train to go faster over long distances, by tram or by using the cable car. You can also travel by taxi, aboard a polybahn, a boat or a rowboat … to go from one lake shore to another.

Green travel by bike, scooter

Blue racing bike resting on a brick wall

To reduce your trips by car, you can finally opt for alternative, greener mobility solutions. One of the most popular in Zurich is cycling.

Official figures also show that more than 2/3 of the inhabitants of the city of Zurich own a bicycle. Its popularity is such that most office buildings have had facilities for cyclists to benefit their workers using this mode of travel.

Depending on where you live, you can ideally cycle to work. Otherwise, another alternative that is as green as cycling but even gentler is the scooter that you can use for your short trips or your shopping in the city of Zurich.

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