The creation of a film, professions in audiovisual production at each stage

When you decide to create a film, an entire audiovisual production agency comes into play. At each stage of the design, a profession takes place and does what it has to do. But how does it work, what are these professions and what are their roles?

Trades for before filming

From the moment the choice to create a film is made, you have to set up a whole bunch of positions and actions before embarking on filming. To do this, you have to use four types of trades to start.

The producer

Its role is to find funding for audiovisual production, it will ask several organizations for public aid, bank loans, or even establish partnerships. In addition to these aids, he himself provides part of the funding. He is also the one who chooses the film to be produced.

Production assistance

Its role is to bring together all the essential elements for the production of the film. He will therefore look for actors, audiovisual equipment, sets, as well as costumes. The schedules are managed by him, as well as the relationship with the various suppliers.

The general manager

He is there to respond to all requests, good daily organization is done thanks to him. In the event of a problem for a person, for catering, accommodation or other he will face, he takes care of all the logistics.

The head decorator

It is thanks to him that there will be a decor. After having him the script, he will be able to create the proper decor. Whether in the studio or outdoors, it adapts. He is a kind of site manager, he leads a whole team that will identify the places, construction managers, craftsmen (upholsterer, tailor, carpenter) …

The trades that come into action during filming

Once the film has been chosen and the setting created, it is time to produce the film and therefore to start filming. For this, many other trades take part and come into play.


It is often from him that the idea comes, he launched the project, he often has the role, author, manager and technician on the set. He is there to coordinate all stages of production, he directs actors and technicians. Accompanied by his assistant director, who creates a shooting plan and technical sheets detailing the locations, sets, characters, etc.

The chief operator

It is there to ensure the quality of the image, it adjusts the brightness artificially or naturally, it will create the right atmosphere. It is thanks to him that the whole soul of the film will emerge, with the vision of good emotions for example.

The sound engineer

Thanks to his musical culture, he will put the right sounds in the right place for the film. But that’s not all, it is he who imposes the tone of the dialogues, the surrounding sound effects and ensures that there is no interference.

Finally, you will find trades that bring their final touch

  • The cameraman is the one who will choose the shots
  • The noisemaker gives all the details, records every noise in the studio, instrument, falling element, receding chair …
  • The editor, he will view all the shots, make a selection, put the effects and synchronize the images
  • The faker, he will apply all the special effects
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