The different accommodations for a weekend at Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou Park, one of the best parks in the world, attracts more than 2.2 million visitors each year. This park traces the history of the Vendée by offering shows on important historical facts.

With the growth and the number of visitors which stop growing, the Vendée park has the duty to always improve and to propose new products each year. In recent years, visitors to the Puy du Fou park have found it impossible to do all the shows in one day. The quantity of shows obliges visitors to stay a few days in Vendée.

Many people ask themselves the question “Where to sleep in Parc du Puy du Fou?” “. To help you organize your stay at Puy du Fou, we have selected the various possible accommodations in the park and outside the park.

Accommodation in the Puy du Fou park

The Puy du Fou park does not do things by halves, offering shows of unparalleled quality, it also offers magnificent hotels in the theme of the park. Back to 5 hotels in Puy du Fou different from their era:

  • The comfortable 18th century home, called the Logis de Lescure
  • Protect yourself in the citadel of the Middle Ages
  • Sleep in the Merovingian era with the Clovis Islands
  • Stay in the hotel of the camp of the cloth of gold carried on the time of the Renaissance
  • Spend a stay in the heart of Ancient Rome with the Gallo-Roman Villa

5 hotels in the Puy du Fou park that will make you live your stay in the time of our ancestors. However, if your budget for this stay is tight, this type of accommodation should not be preferred.

Favor hotels outside the park

The option of accommodation outside the park is to book an overnight stay in one of the many hotels around the park. This type of accommodation is good for your wallet, but staying in a hotel outside the park is likely to take away the magic of your stay, that is, the magic of the history of the Vendée. A magic that evaporates if you stay in a more contemporary and newer hotel.

Keeping the atmosphere of Puy du Fou throughout your stay is ideal and will guarantee you unforgettable memories of one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

Campsites around the Puy du Fou park

The last solution available to you to extend your stay at Puy du Fou is the presence of cottages and pitches near the park. Many hoteliers offer this type of accommodation for visitors to the park, but one of the best and which keeps this spirit of Puy du Fou is the Domaine de l’Oiselière. Located a few kilometers from the Puy du Fou park, this area remains in the atmosphere of Puy du Fou with a life that offers the minimum like our ancestors.

Cottages with the minimum and a stay in a tent are ideal for a stay in the Puy du Fou park in Vendée.

The accommodation offered by these areas or campsites near the park is financially attractive and allows you to keep your savings to fully enjoy the park during your stay.

The Vendée offers activities of all kinds

During your stay in the Puy du Fou park, don’t forget that Vendée is full of magnificent places and offers many activities.

The Vendée is endowed with many coastal towns which possess such charm where every year millions of tourists meet to enjoy the beauty of this department. Noirmoutier and Saint Gilles Croix de Vie are two large towns in the Vendée where it is possible to take bike rides, take surfing and windsurf lessons, visit their marina and taste Vendée specialties.

If you are not satisfied with the history of Vendée, do not hesitate to stroll in the depths of this department to discover the refuge of Grasla and the logis de la Chabotterie. Two sites that retrace the history of Vendée such as the large Puy du Fou Park.

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