The Dior house celebrates all dads

Father’s Day obliges, you want to give a special gift for the best dad in the world. You then thought of giving her a fashion piece. And this year, Corona obliges: fashion is in tune. An upheaval which affects the creators who also decline their mask. You can then opt for one of the masks from a Haute-Couture House so that he can compose his masculine look without any fashion faux-pas or even make it yourself by copying one of the patterns offered by the brands. French fashion. While this gift idea is useful these days, also think of a more lasting gift (the fashion of the mask is like the banana… fleeting). Surprise your dad by presenting him with a red rose and a perfume. If the major perfume brands also unveil their fragrances each year, bet on the bestsellers! The Dior perfume house offers an infinite olfactory repertoire. You will then have no trouble finding the one that will make your daddy special.

Wild, free and authentic between “bestiality and nobility”

The very famous Dior perfume house undoubtedly has a wide range of perfumes with a strong personality. And that is good. It needs a scent of character to highlight its beauty. And nothing like the richness, the contrasting Sauvage de Dior accords. A variation of the iconic Eau Sauvage born in the 1960s, Sauvage is suitable for today’s men to the last drop. This fragrance embodies passion, the spirit of freedom, animality, the rebellious side in male fashion that the charismatic Johnny Depp perfectly embodies on screen. Between brutality and nobility, the notes of bergamot, Sichuan pepper, rose berries which contrast with those of vetiver, patchouli or even geranium bring masculine sensuality, give the skin just the right amount of virility. . And don’t be fooled by the sleek, ultra-contemporary bottle… the result is dazzling for the nostrils.

Dior for men, intense and fresh between “sensuality and sophistication”

Opening with aromatic top notes based on cardamom, sage, lavender and lavender, it is undoubtedly the Dior fragrance that brings that perfect touch of freshness for summer. Dazzling, male virility is then pushed to its paroxysm. This perfume hides hidden scents (sandalwood, iris pallida, basil, cade or even carrot), enough to give this surprising fragrance a most carnal sensuality. In its elegant and understated case, this ardent and ultra powerful perfume will be for you, ladies, an ode to love (nothing prevents from offering the father of your child a perfume). With its sophisticated notes, it will simply be spellbound. Anyway, it is the quintessential masculine fragrance! No wonder this is a perfumed bestseller from the house of Dior.

Fahrenheit, new and complete between “fire and ice”

Born from a crazy bet of its creator, Fahrenheit is a disturbing, innovative fragrance. In total break with the great classics of the genre, this perfume is perfect for your dad. And for good reason, atypical year atypical fragrance. Symbol of a new vision of virility, subtly evoking an attractive and seductive man, your daddy will be the strongest in the world as well as the most pleasant smelling one. Let yourself be seduced by this olfactory blend of lavender, lemon, violet, hawthorn, vetiver, patchouli and styrax. Admittedly the composition is quite simple, but the result is astonishing by its complexity. Your dad will play with these notes, leaving behind a fresh and burning scent trail at the same time. Enchanted perfumed parenthesis, it is undoubtedly the perfume that offers a thousand and one surprises.

Jules, full-bodied and true between “masculinity and attraction”

The Dior house signs with Jules a fresh, powerful, refined fragrance bringing that touch of elegance to today’s gentlemen. Between fresh, spicy and woody accords, it’s hard to resist Jules. A daring composition based on mugwort, bay leaf, clary sage, black pepper, carnation, galbanum, cedar… in short, this fragrance is an ode, a tribute to men. Tender, chic and masculine, this fragrance is full of Love. Perfect for your dad to share your love with others on a daily basis. And if this perfume plays on contrasts, it is suitable for all dads, whatever their age.

For Father’s Day do not stalk any more. Give your dad something to allow him to be relaxed, sophisticated on a daily basis, offer him a gift that will accompany him depending on his quest, his desires, his tastes and his aspirations, simply offer him a perfume. Dior wanted to create a daring, timeless range of perfumes… that’s it. All you have to do is make a seed card to write down your words of love. A card that he can then put your love down on paper. He will then be able to see this love germinate.

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