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With the increase in the use of the Internet tendency has decreased the attendance of physical stores. The drive-to-store technique is ideal for contacting customers via digital tools and bringing them to the store.

What to know about the drive to store?

The drive to store attracts customers to a physical location. It is a technique that combines digital and physical location The principle is to send a clear message to attract your customers.

Today, the purchasing journey begins, on the Internet, customers will go to the online store and make their choice. But it is still possible to use the drive to store, along the customer journey, to bring it to physical points.

During their visit to the online store, invite the customer to come to the store to come and try the products directly and benefit from your advice. If the purchase has already been made, suggest that they come to the store to collect their products, with the click and collar, which will save them shipping costs.

What are the possible actions with the drive to store technique?

There is no limit in marketing communication, the drive to store is the most suitable technique for bringing the customer to the store. In order not to make mistakes and apply a strategy that will work, you must use professional tools, these tools will allow your campaigns to be effective and bring in customers.

For example, you can use the Wellpack data rental platform, which you can find all the information on at and which will allow you to perfectly target your shipments. So renting a donation base allows you to save money while enjoying all the benefits.

Make promotional offers to attract

Sending an SMS during promotional periods increases the chances of people coming to a physical store to take advantage of these offers. You will be able to personalize the message, which will make it more intimate and preferred and build loyalty more easily.

But it’s also very useful, to announce the end of promotions, to send an SMS giving a countdown, it will sound like an emergency. An opportunity not to be missed, promotions that should not be missed.

The drive to store, to improve the customer experience

The drive to store allows you to make follow-ups, so you can see which messages are the most effective and reuse them for a future campaign. For more performance, you can combine this campaign with an e-mailing campaign, to strengthen the message.

When the SMS is personalized, it will be more easily read, it will be all the more appreciated, because the person will have the feeling to receive an offer which is assigned to him, personally. Add a time constraint to add a sense of urgency, and motivate the customer to go to the store.

Inform of a possible out of stock

The drive to store is also an opportunity to inform its customers about the next out of stock. Today it is possible to obtain information on its customers and to retarget. By having followed its course on the online store, for example, you will be able to see the products seen and send a message if it is soon no longer available in the store.

In your message, you must insist on the urgency of the shortage, of the disposal of the low stock. To motivate the prospect even more to go to the store, we must insist on the strong figures, a falling price.

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