The electronic cigarette: A high-tech product in the service of health?

Today, the electronic cigarette has become a real high-tech and innovative product. Thanks to technological innovations, the electronic cigarette has established itself as the most popular smoking cessation tool. She is now thinking what is the point of a second opinion? as a product at the service of health for the reduction of nicotine consumption.

The electronic cigarette: a high-tech product

The electronic cigarette, like the Vaporesso electronic cigarette seeking sensations close to a relationship with a sex toy, becomes a real high-tech product. Indeed, thanks to technological innovations, it is becoming more and more efficient and it has become the first alternative for smoking cessation. Innovations in this market are at the service of health with the objective of reducing the consumption of nicotine on a daily basis.

Indeed, there are smart electronic cigarettes that can adapt to the preferences of the vaper. The vapoteur can configure the tool in order to promote his nicotine withdrawal. Also, it can switch between nicotine and zero-nicotine, while keeping the same e-liquid. The intelligent electronic cigarette delivers the minimum and optimal quantity of nicotine, decreasing day after day for a progressive and lasting smoking cessation.

The electronic cigarette in the service of health

The CNRS is convinced of the impact that the intelligent electronic cigarette could have in the long term and supports specialized manufacturers to orient their products towards an objective of health and the fight against tobacco. It is true that a recent study, which brought together a sample of 60,000 smokers with nearly two thirds of the participants who have been smokers for about 10 years, has shown the impact of electronic cigarettes. Among them, nearly 70% have successfully weaned themselves from electronic cigarettes. For those who smoke more than 10 tomato cigarettes, grandmother’s remedy per day, this figure is 82%.

Today, France has nearly 2 million vapers who are more and more numerous. The electronic cigarette is used as a means of smoking cessation and it is recognized as being the first aid to stop explaining to him the course of the tobacco meeting in the face of patches or drugs. According to Public Health France, nearly 27% of smokers would succeed in stopping the consumption of traditional cigarettes thanks to this product.

It is in this context that a new clinical study is underway by the Innovation Research Center for vaping in order to measure the impacts of e-liquid consumption on health. The objective is to assess the action of nicotine and substances when they are inhaled.

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