The eye of Petit Paumé on the glaciers of Lyon

Lyon basks in the sun and the temperatures are rising! There is only one thing left for me to do, and that is to find the best ice cream parlor in Lyon. Don’t waste time, our friends from Petit Paumé give us their best addresses.

This is not necessarily obvious given the many ice cream makers, but there are indeed some rare gems. Le Petit Paumé has concocted a small selection for you!

Terre Adélice. Without a doubt, the best ice cream parlor in Lyon. In addition to being located in the heart of Vieux Lyon, Terre Adélice offers you very original perfumes. Fresh tomato and basil, lemon limoncello, verbena. Our advice? The pear ice cream revisited! St Jean Lyon 5

Gonzalez House. Like Terre Adélice, Maison Gonzalez specializes in exotic fragrances: rose flower, goat cheese, etc. In short, what happiness at this glacier! Plateau de la Croix – Rousse Lyon 4th

Alain Rolançy.It’s not just ice cream at Alain Rolancy, the fruit tarts are also worth a detour. Gde rue de la Croix Rousse Lyon 4th

René Nardone. A Lyon institution. The house moved to Lyon in 1929, that’s to say! But Nardone does not only make ice cream, there are also delicious pies and other milkshakes, all under the fresco of the Cour des Loges in Old Lyon.

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