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Podcasts, those audio or video files that are easy to download from the web, are more and more all the rage among Internet users who love information and entertainment. Here is a good alternative for those who are afraid of reading, but who are eager to deepen their knowledge in fields as diverse as technology, art, history and, increasingly, sport. Podcasts dedicated to sport in general have proliferated recently on the web and appeal to enthusiasts by their formats which most often leave room for good humor. Here is a selection of some of our current favorites.

Football: Passing of legs

The Internet is full of a multitude of podcasts dedicated to football, so much so that the choice can be complicated. If the topics covered remain broadly similar (Ligue 1, Champions League, transfer window, etc.) it is often the contribution of a star consultant that makes the difference in terms of the audience. In addition to the most watched shows featuring former renowned players, there are lesser-known podcasts created by passionate amateurs that cover subjects a little more confidential and endearing. Among our favorites is Passement de pieds, a series of shows started in 2015 by a group of friends in a nice and intimate format. From anecdotes on the origin of the shirts, to memories of stadiums, in France and abroad, the guests are always relevant and the whole is listened to with great pleasure.

Cycling: The race marshals

The reference podcast for fans of the little queen is a weekly show hosted by the best of Vé, a site that has been an authority for years now in the field of road cycling. The cycling scholarship of these enthusiasts is heartwarming, whether it is a question of retracing the long history of this endearing sport, or of vigorously debating its topicality. Biography of the runners, number of watts generated, detailed review of the routes, nothing is left to chance, with humor and without tongue in cheek during these weekly half-hours.

Poker: RMC Poker show

Good news for the bluffers! After the excellent series of poker podcasts proposed in 2017 by Jérôme Schmidt on France Culture, RMC decided to take up the torch by in turn offering a series of programs dedicated to the famous card game: the RMC Poker show. An hour of debate led by Daniel Riolo and Moundir Zoughardi on poker news or tournaments, anecdotes and game tips are discussed with passion and humor. For fans wishing to listen to shows where the technical aspects of the game are more in-depth, it is recommended that you read the few articles on the net which are specifically devoted to poker podcasts. There you will find a good introduction to this topic, as well as relevant information on how to choose the podcast that best suits your expectations.

Mountaineering: Mountains and valleys

A mountain guide in the Chamonix valley, François Matet offers each month to discover his region through ideas for outings and activities to do in the mountains. Mountaineering, climbing, hiking, canyoning, ski touring, via ferrata etc. An invitation to travel and adventure as well as an ode to nature when we know that the person concerned is a regular of the Mont-Blanc massif and its wonders. François Matet provides his precious advice to both beginners and more experienced mountain dwellers. He is an expert in equipment as well as a tourist guide: fauna and flora, geology and geography are not forgotten. A real breath of fresh air!

Rugby: Crunch

Rugby is the second most popular team sport in France after football. Here is one of the main French podcasts for oval balloon enthusiasts: Crunch. It is moderated by Chrystelle Bonnet of the journalists of the rugby section of the newspaper L’Equipe. Half-hour broadcasts in which the leading national sports daily gives priority to listeners’ favorite themes, namely the Top 14, the French Team, the Six Nations Tournament. The debates are conducted as always with professionalism and good humor by competent speakers.

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