The Fireplace Grate Indispensable in a Wood Stove, But Why?

The hearth grill is essential when you have a fireplace or a wood stove. It has many advantages, particularly in terms of safety and allows you to take full advantage of your fireplace during the winter. Today we will focus on its specificities and its importance.

What is a hearth grid?

The hearth grate, generally installed at the level of the hearth of a fire or in the hearth of a chimney secures the environment and the home of the latter. Usually of specific shape and composed of several curved or straight bars, it is placed at the base of a fireplace so that you can put your logs there. It must be solid, because it is the element that will keep your logs high and be in direct contact with the flames of your fireplace. If it is of poor quality, it may collapse and cause serious incidents.

What is the function of a hearth grid?

The hearth grill is essential for your fireplace and wood stove. It has many functions that will allow you to keep the room in which your fireplace will be installed safe. Well positioned, it allows you to place your logs at the height of the fireplace, which will cause optimal combustion and therefore more heat in the room.

It prevents the collapsing of the burnt logs and allows quick and easy access to the ashes in order to prevent the latter from evaporating. At the same time, it facilitates the circulation of air through the chimney. Finally, its primary function lies in its ability to prevent your fire from suffocating and therefore for you to better enjoy your fireplace.

How should the grid be changed?

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It can sometimes happen that it is necessary to change the grate of your wood stove or your fireplace. For that, Ersho Distribution has a wide range of hearth grills that will meet all your needs at competitive prices. When choosing it, you will have to choose your material. For a closed fireplace or a wooden stove, choose a cast iron grill. The latter is resistant to very high temperatures. For an open fireplace, you will have the choice between steel and cast iron. Apart from the material, you will also need to choose your grate based on its appearance to ensure that it fully fits into your fireplace or wood stove.

How to maintain a hearth grill?

The maintenance of a hearth grill is relatively simple. It is advisable touse a steel brush or brass which has the advantage of having hard bristles which can easily strip burns and dirt. Put your sheet in an open space or on newspaper and rub it with water or white vinegar and baking soda for more efficiency. Once brushed, rinse it with clean water and let it air dry.

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