The ink pad, a marketing tool?

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When you have developed your company’s marketing strategy, you have implemented all the classics to convey your message: logo, web page header, business cards, personalized mugs, and everything around you exudes identity. of your company. Yet, like some entrepreneurs, you may have overlooked a strong ally that, on its own, can perfect your strategy: the corporate stamp.

The corporate stamp, a communication channel?

As a business owner, you certainly know the mandatory information that must be affixed to your ink pad: legal notices, commercial information, etc. But did you think of adding these little extras who can distinguish you from other companies?

The importance of the ink pad to the company unconsciously invites us to give it a rigid, square and classic appearance. Most company stamps come down to the mandatory information, contained in a rectangle or in a circle. However, by being creative, you can choose an ink pad for your business that will complement your communication by subtly conveying your message.

A stamp in the image of your brand

Your stamp appears on your internal documents, but also on your invoices, your contracts, your order forms and all the documents that bind you to your partners and employees. So you just have to take care of the look of your tampon to reach all your interlocutors at the same time, without redoubling your efforts.

The website and the baseline of your company are little extras that have become almost indispensable in our time. They invite your partners to discover one of your communication channels while anchoring your brand in their memory, which is why they can appear on your company stamp. The same goes for logo of your company. If your logo is too detailed, you can include part of your logo that is sufficient to recognize your brand.

These few basic mentions on your stamps will, by themselves, make your documents stand out among the others and will contribute to enrich the brand image that you create around your business.

The ink pad, to directly reach decision-makers

Your company stamp is often affixed to documents of great importance. These documents are very likely to end up in the hands of decision-makers. Affix a message with your ink pad You can therefore ensure that you can take it to the managers of the companies concerned, without having to provide any commercial effort and expense.

You therefore have, without realizing it, an element that can turn into a marketing tool powerful that crosses hierarchical barriers. To neglect it is to cut yourself off from a simple and effective communication channel, while fine-tuning it ensures that you target the decision-makers.

Depending on your industry and field of activity, you can add personalized mentions to your ink pad that will attract the attention of your partners. This attention will turn into concise and clear information that will help them better understand your mission, your values ​​or your distinctions.

A subtle sign of your commitment

As the month of October begins, why not show off your breast cancer commitment by participating in Pink October? And in November, the month without tobacco? Your commitment deserves to be underlined because it makes your partners aware of this cause, while helping them to discover your deep values ​​and those of your company. Nothing like adding the small symbolic ribbon to your stamp to communicate this commitment and raise awareness about breast cancer screening.

The strength of this communication lies in its mix between subtlety and originality. It has the advantage of distinguishing you in the blink of an eye from other companies in your industry without you having to use aggressive marketing campaigns.

In a campaign as sensitive as that of Pink October, it is the defended cause that must be put forward, where aggressive marketing is often perceived as an attempt by the company to grab the visibility offered by the campaign to for personal purposes. By inserting the ribbon on your stamp, you indicate to your partners that you support this cause without seeming opportunistic.

Your company stamp therefore allows you to convey your message raising awareness while letting you benefit from the notoriety that such a campaign can bring to your business.

Bring out your distinctions

Your cachet can complement your communication by emphasizing what best describes your business, or what is most important to your partners or customers. So, if you work in the world of natural cosmetics, add a “Bio” label or a similar mention on your stamp emphasizes the nature of your brand and explicitly informs about what you bring to your partners.

company stamp

You can just as easily use your corporate stamp to highlight any prizes and accolades you may have earned. You increase the chances that your partner is informed about your previous distinctions, proof of your experience and your know-how. Here again, you won’t have to spend an extra penny to brag about yourself.

A stamp that contains your signature

The liberal professions can use their ink pad to include their signature. In addition to giving credibility to the documents on which it appears, such a stamp gives back its letters of nobility to the most distinguished professions while avoiding the piles of documents to be signed filed by your secretary.

Your signature brings a personal touch to your documents. It is therefore perfectly anchored in a local marketing strategy that favors relationships and trust.

Whatever the field of activity in which you practice or the size of your business, you can make your ink pad a powerful marketing tool to reach your targets in all subtlety. Do not deprive yourself of such a channel of communication and think today about the mention that will differentiate you from your competitors.

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