The Joom site for its purchases, good or bad idea?

Do you want to shop on Joom but have doubts about its reliability?

In any case, note that Joom is one of the best Chinese e-commerce sites offering good deals on a wide selection of products. You can make interesting purchases there at very attractive prices, but on condition that you pay attention to the quality of the articles.

Joom overview

Launched in 2017, this recent e-commerce platform now boasts more than 250 million active users.

With a web interface ( and a fluid and ergonomic mobile application, Joom functions as a giant Marketplace grouping together independent Chinese sellers. A bit like Aliexpress, but with even lower prices on diverse product lines ranging from clothing, fashion, electronics, jewelry, household items and gardening … to pet products from company.

Are the products of quality in the store?

On the quality side, it is not really the best of the best on Joom, a finding that applies to most Chinese sites of the same type. It should be remembered that these are mainly products of Chinese manufacture which very often deviate from European standards or standards of safety and quality.

Although Joom claims to carry out quality control on the products of its sellers, nothing is certain that this is the case. However, it should be noted that some users find their account on Joom and encounter little or no inconvenience. Certainly not everyone can have the same experience of the site. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect high end over quality.

What are the fees to add at the time of purchase?

Delivery fees

A real advantage with the Joom site is that you don’t have to pay shipping costs. Your products are delivered to you free of charge. The price displayed on the product is clearly the amount you have to pay and nothing more. This explains why the prices at Joom are much more attractive than on other sites.

Customs fees and import taxes

Products purchased on Joom shipped from China to Europe may be subject to controls, and may incur customs fees and import tax. However, you may not have to pay anything at all if your products arrive in small packages. In all cases, note that these possible costs are your responsibility.

What are the payment options on Joom?

The Joom site accepts PayPal as a convenient and secure method of payment. But note that you can also pay for your purchases by credit card.

If the product does not suit me, what are the return and refund conditions?

You can initiate a return and be reimbursed when you have received a product of very poor quality, defective, damaged or not corresponding to the substantial description displayed on the site. At the end of the process which lasts about 14 days, the refunded sums are transferred to your Paypal account or the bank card used to order.

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