The legal notice is a compulsory passage for company owners

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When setting up a company, legal notification is a compulsory formality, however is it an obligation for all companies. What are the advantages of this action, the procedures, what does this document contain and what is the cost of publishing a legal notice? So many questions for which here are the answers.

What exactly is the legal announcement?

In the legal notice site, all the information of which the competitors are entitled to know is published. It is made during a business creation, dissolution, during a transfer of business assets or the modification of a status. In a legal notice, there are certain mandatory information such as:

  • The nature of the act deciding the creation of the company as well as the date,
  • Give the name of the company,
  • Its legal nature,
  • The subject of the request,
  • The address of the head office,
  • The date of creation,
  • The amount of capital,
  • The identity and address of the partners or shareholders,
  • The identity and address of the manager or president,
  • The registry of the court registering the registration which depends on the address of the registered office

How to make a legal announcement?

Legal announcements are generally published on sites like, this one, but it is also possible to publish in a paper newspaper, it is important to choose a reliable provider.

The advantage of posting an ad online is the ease of creation and publication, and above all it saves time. Once the announcement is made, you will receive a publication certificate as well as a copy of your advertisement.

For whom is it compulsory to write a legal notice?

It is necessary to know that the publication of a legal notice is not obligatory for all types of businesses. Legal enterprises are concerned, but those affecting entrepreneurs, who is therefore a natural person, are not concerned. The companies which have the obligation to publish a legal announcement are:

  • Limited liability companies (EURL, SARL)
  • Simplified joint stock companies (SASU, SAS)
  • Public limited companies (SA) and general partnerships (SNC)
  • Self-employed companies (SELEURL, SELARL, SELAFA, SELAS, SELCA)
  • Civil societies (SCI)

How much will it cost to publish a legal advertisement?

The cost of a legal advertisement will depend on the provider that the company would have chosen, but also on the length of the advertisement. Before making your publication, you can ask for quotes, to get an idea of ​​the budget to be allocated. When your request is to announce the incorporation of a company, then the cost is usually around 150 € excluding tax.

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