The Lightinthebox site for shopping, good or bad idea?

Thinking of shopping on Lightinthebox but have some doubts about its reliability?

First of all, note that Lightinthebox is a legitimate Chinese e-commerce site that offers attractive prices on a wide selection of products. However, the platform is not perfect and the quality of the products on its store is often relative.

Lightinthebox overview

Lightinthebox is an international company specializing in the retail and wholesale of Chinese products and operating through Founded in 2007, it is one of the oldest platforms in existence and ranks high among top Chinese e-commerce sites like Aliexpress, Wish, and Gearbest.

The site is known to have the lowest prices on the market for its vast catalog of products ranging from fashion to high-tech, including home and garden decorations.

Are the products of quality in the store?

The Lightinthebox site has some good products. However, as with most Chinese e-commerce sites, their quality is very variable and therefore remains open to question. Indeed, it often happens that disappointments are noted from buyers reporting nonconforming products, defective or not corresponding to the description made on the site.

Therefore, you will need to be more vigilant about the quality of the products you buy through the platform. In general, we advise you to always check the description, as well as the opinions of the people who bought the requested product.

What are the fees to add at the time of purchase?

When shopping on this kind of site, keep in mind that there may be additional costs to add to the purchase price.

Delivery fees

This is the amount owed for shipping your items from China to your address in your country. These costs are communicated to you on the summary screen before the final validation of your order.

Customs fees and import taxes

Note that customs duties or VAT and import taxes are applied to products purchased outside the European area, and orders placed on Lightinthebox are no exception. These fees are set according to the value of your product, generally when its price exceeds 22 €.

What are the payment options on Lightinthebox?

To facilitate your purchases on its platform, Lightinthebox accepts several payment methods. This allows you to securely pay for your order via PayPal, Western Union or Wire Transfer.

If the product does not suit me what are the return and refund conditions?

Not satisfied with your purchase on Lightinthebox? You can return your product and get a full or partial refund under certain conditions.

Note that the return and full refund is only possible in the event of a quality defect notified to customer service within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product.

On the other hand, Lightinthebox will only offer you a partial refund if you feel that the product does not look like those presented on the site or does not reflect what you imagined. Finally, the reimbursement periods can be spread over 15 days from the date of return of your product.

What to think of Lightinthbox?

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