The many facets of the legal profession

The lawyer plays a major role in society. Its field of intervention is vast, affecting both individuals and businesses. In most cases, lawyers are generalists, but they can specialize in their chosen field. Let’s dig a little deeper into this business!

Lawyer: what missions?

The lawyer is highly respected and sought after by the general public. His qualities are not limited to the art of speech and pleading, but also in his ability to defend the rights and interests of his clients before a court of law, based on the texts.

Know that the main mission of the lawyer is to represent and defend your client. He assures your defense by putting together a file in order to plead your case as effectively as possible before the judge.

He represents you before courts and other judicial bodies, assists you in your decisions and negotiates on your behalf. In addition, he writes the essential documents for your file, allowing the resolution of a dispute.

This professional often begins as an employee or collaborator of a firm. Then, he worked for his own account in his own firm, after years of experience.

The lawyer can specialize in one or more areas, as we have mentioned. By calling on a reputable firm, you benefit from the expertise of a professional lawyer, both experienced and competent, who assures you a better defense and offers you expert advice.

This is particularly the case with Active Avocats, a law firm based in Ferney-Voltaire and available in videoconference, in the heart of the Pays de Gex, near Geneva. They can assist you in the following areas: family law, real estate law, commercial law, banking law, contract law, employment law

It should be noted that lawyers may be required to manage a large number of cases and litigation on various legal issues.

What are the qualities of a good lawyer?

Know that a lawyer must have different qualities in order to effectively fulfill the assigned missions. He must have a sense of probity, ethics and deontology. He must also have in him the desire to enforce and respect the law. In addition, he must be a trustworthy person who respects professional secrecy. You find all these qualities in a good lawyer.

Before the courts, the lawyer’s mission is to convince his audience through his pleading. Consequently, eloquence and charisma are also essential qualities in this professional to successfully defend his client.

In the interest of his client, he often has to convince him of the right decision to make. He sometimes plays the role of mediator, even psychologist when necessary.

Lawyer activity

Know that the lawyer plays a role of advising individuals and companies thanks to his knowledge of the law in force. He also intervenes in litigation. The choice of professional for this purpose depends on the case to be handled and the area of ​​intervention.

The lawyer intervenes to comply with the regulations and legal provisions in force, within the framework of your procedures or your actions.

In most cases, individuals call on this professional for legal advice on asset management or on the steps to be taken in carrying out complex legal acts. Some people use his service when making decisions about a lawsuit and how the justice system works.

The lawyer is also in great demand with companies for legal advice. Companies generally call on him to ensure the compliance of decisions taken vis-à-vis employees, administration, etc. Indeed, a bad decision can have a negative impact on the development of the company, in particular on its image and on the financial plan.

Regarding litigation activity, the lawyer defends you and represents your interests before the Court of Justice. If you plan to take legal action, recourse to this professional is essential.

The different specialties in the legal profession

lawyer profession

There exists two types of lawyers, those called “generalists” and those called “specialized”. Note that most lawyers today are generalists, but have a preferred field. Lawyers considered to be generalists have no specialization and are involved in all legal matters, whether it be advice or litigation.

Note also that a lawyer can only have two specializations at most. In order for him to specialize, he must go through an interview in order to have a certificate issued by the National Bar Council (CNB) and have at least four years of professional experience.

It is only after having successfully passed this test that he can carry the title of specialized lawyer and write it on his business card, papers and website.

We can cite 26 specializations, among which the insurance law, banking and securities law, commercial, business and competition law, credit and consumer law, environmental law, real estate law, public law, etc.

In the event of threats, violence or crimes, you can hire a lawyer specializing in criminal law. To defend your rights as employees in the event of unfair dismissal or harassment at work, you will need a lawyer specializing in employment law.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you will need the help of a lawyer in family law, persons, and their patrimony. This is also the case for a division of assets or a divorce. You will choose your lawyer depending on the case to be handled.

As a rule, law firms are involved in both advice and litigation. In most cases, they are made up of specialized lawyers, in particular possessing in-depth knowledge in a particular field.

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