The Massage Gun an Indispensable Accessory and That’s Why?

Since its advent on the fitness market in 2019, the massage gun has continued to attract the envy of athletes, and now even non-athletes are following suit. But what exactly is a massage gun? What are the advantages ? How to use it ? How to choose his? Here are relevant questions to which we will provide all the answers!

What is a massage gun?

The massage gun is a fitness accessory with a triangular shape and a forward head which, with the pulsations and vibrations it emits, have earned it its name of “gun”. It uses percussion technology which exerts pressure on muscle tissue and excites it in depth.

It is a device with a reduced design that works with a rechargeable battery. These aspects make it transportable anywhere, and therefore accessible to more people: chiropractor, therapist, physical rehabilitation doctor, athletes, etc.

How to choose a massage gun?

Massage gun used on a woman's legs

The massage gun comes in many shapes and sizes. It also has several features and functions. This means that to choose your massage gun you will have to surf on these different elements. But know that the massage gun will be chosen according to the desired use, depending on whether or not you are a sports athlete.

Another essential factor not to be overlooked is your budget because in the field, prices vary greatly between low-end and high-end depending on the quality, efficiency and properties of the gun.

What are the advantages of a massage gun?

Massage gun in the hands of a happy woman

The massage gun is a device that literally imitates the treatment of a traditional massage provided by a professional masseur. Compared to this one, the advantages of the massage gun lie mainly in the depth of the care offered.

The massage gun stimulates the most atrophied muscles in the whole body through an intense and deep massage which, according to experts, is equivalent to a good 7 hours of sleep. So imagine the level of relaxation that offers you. The massage gun also increases muscle responsiveness, relieves pain in soft tissue, helps muscle development and good recovery after your sports activities.

How to properly use the massage gun?

Massage gun used on a man's back

The golden rule to follow when using a massage gun is to be careful and vigilant, especially if you are just starting out. Other than that, you don’t run any serious risk, because remember it is nothing more than a massage after all. However, if you are using your massage gun for medical purposes (to cure tendonitis, for example), it is best to have a doctor’s approval.

In practice, using the massage gun is simple, but always take the time to read the user guide for the product and the different tips. Turn on the gun, at the desired speed and move it over the area of ​​the body you want to work smoothly and effortlessly, it does the job on its own.

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