The Massage Gun – Choose It Right, For Best Results!

Today, the massage gun is a very popular fitness tool among sports enthusiasts, professional or not. If you are thinking of getting yourself one, you need to take stock of all your needs first. But that’s not all, because finding the right gun that will meet these needs is not always easy when you look at all the models out there.

With the right information on the selection criteria, usage tips, and the benefits of a massage gun, your decision will be much easier.

TOP 10 – Our selection of massage guns for you

What should you consider when choosing the best massage gun?

In this section, it is about elements which depend on your needs and the expectations that you have regarding your future massage gun. So by identifying these different points, you will more easily go to the massage gun that will suit you.

Identify your needs

Why do you want a massage gun? For your warm-ups before your sports activities? Or simply for a moment of relaxation of the muscles to relieve aches and back pain, why not refine your figure at the same time? These are the aspects that will have to be defined at the start.

Choose simplicity

Yes Yes ! What is the point of persisting in choosing a model whose visual complexity bothers you at first sight? And what about the complexity of use? It is necessary to start on the basis of a simple model, it is often the right approach to adopt to obtain the best accessories.

Don’t skimp on performance

At this level demand neither more nor less than high performance. Whatever your needs, the massage gun must be able to meet them. But be careful, don’t confuse power and performance. A pistol with low powers can completely offer you an effective massage adapted to your needs.

Quality must go with the price

Oh yes, there always! If you’re willing to shell out a hefty amount for your massage gun, the least it can be is that it’s worth it. Quality must be on the menu. In addition to the reputation of any brand, always keep an eye on the quality / price ratio.

Trust the reviews and the different tests

The opinions and recommendations of people who have used and tested the product can also help you decide which gun to choose for your massages. They have no interest in giving an opinion contrary to their experience with the tool, so you can trust that the better opinions a massage gun has, the better it will be.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing your massage gun?

After having made the tour of your requirements for a massage gun, it is necessary to cross them with the characteristics of the guns sold on the market, which they vary according to the models and the brands.

  • The power: it designates in watts the capacity of the gun to exert pressure on the muscles to solicit them. It goes hand in hand with the speed and frequency of percussion which it is best to look carefully before purchasing the massage gun, to ensure that it is consistent with your needs.
  • Weight: it affects the handling of the gun. So while it needs to be sturdy and compact, the gun needs to be light for a grip and not strain your arms or wrists. The weight of the gun becomes more critical if you plan to use it all day long on the go.
  • Noise and autonomy: Because it is unpleasant to work with a device that snores too loudly, the noise of your gun should not exceed 45 decibels. Likewise, the gun’s battery life must be substantial to avoid sharp cuts during use. Look for at least 3 hours of autonomy.
  • Design and price: Designers are always looking for a more comfortable, compact and ergonomic design. So do not hesitate to choose the design that you like while knowing that it has an impact on the price. Regarding the price precisely, massage gun is not cheap. The budget to be expected is in a range of 250 to 650 €.

What are the best massage gun brands

There are a multitude of massage gun brands on the market. Among them, we have selected the best that we recommend to you, because they offer reliable products adapted to the needs of all types of users. These include the Hypervolt, Abox, Phoenix and Rybozen brands.

The best-sellers at Hypervolt

Best-sellers at Abox

Best-sellers at Phoenix

Best-sellers at Rybozen

How to use a massage gun?

In your use of the pistol you must respect certain rules. But don’t worry, it’s three times nothing. Start the gun and apply it to the muscle area you have decided to massage. Then move it with slow back-and-forth movements along the muscle. The gun is used to stimulate the muscles, so do not apply it to any joints or bones in the body. It is also not recommended to massage the injured parts, except under medical authorization.

When to use a massage gun?

At any time of the day, as soon as you feel the need. There is indeed no regulation strictly speaking on this subject. When the discomfort arises, don’t hold back from grabbing your gun. If necessary, for more information, you can consult the user manual included in the purchase pack.

Massage guns at the best price

What are the advantages of the massage gun

The main advantage of the massage gun is the feeling of well-being it provides, which is similarly if not more pleasant than that which is felt after a traditional hand massage. In addition, it is small and can be transported everywhere. So we can afford massage treatments where we want, when we want.

From a health point of view, studies have found that the massage gun improves endurance and muscle performance in athletes, as well as recovery after sports. It fights against muscle stiffness, relieves back pain and helps heal muscle injuries under the prescription of a sports health professional. Moreover, more and more sports doctors are using it to maintain their patients.

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