The most beautiful spots of the Mythical Route 66

With over 3,600 km, Route 66 is one of the most famous in the world. Linking Chicago to Santa Monica, it is the mythical and majestic route par excellence that makes all motorcycle travel enthusiasts dream. Each year, more than 13 million people travel the iconic Route 66.

Throughout this article, we will give you a list of the must-see spots that are worth a detour on this course. If you are planning on doing this adventure, be sure to stop by.

Whether you’re planning your trip on your own or hitting Route 66 on a tour, these spots are all worth a look.


Amarillo is an authentic stretch of Route 66. It allows you to discover Texas history, thanks to buildings that have retained their original architecture and works of art that recall the glorious past of this beautiful city. city.

To eat, we recommend that you stop at the legendary and very local “Big Texan Steak Ranch”, which was the starting point of the “72 ounces steak” competition.


Williams is one of the most important tourist stops on Route 66. It is located 100 kilometers south of the famous Grand Canyon National Park, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Often, people traveling on Route 66 on motorcycles make a stop there to eat or spend the night.

The city center of this city is well known for its retro atmosphere of the 50s, old gas stations, small museums and souvenir shops.

Obviously, we can only recommend that you do the loop to the Grand Canyon to admire the viewpoint.


Traveling along Route 66, Hackeberry is among the oldest towns you can visit. It is a mining town that dates back to 1874.

Stop there to visit the Hackeberry General Store, a Route 66 tourist information center and gift shop. This stop will also be the opportunity to discover a collection of vintage cars and superb typical petrol pumps.

The Chain of Rocks Bridge

At the Chain of Rocks Bridge, Route 66 crosses the Mississippi. It is located 20 km north of St. Louis, Missouri. It is a bridge that contains an unparalleled feature which is a real architectural feat: its layout includes a bend with an angle of 24 degrees.


Kingman can be considered the historic heart of Route 66. It is located approximately 1000 meters above sea level.

It is worth taking a short break there to visit the Powerhouse Route 66 Museum which presents the historical development of this legendary route.


It’s almost impossible to pass through Seligman without stopping at Snow Cap Drive-in, which is a wonderful, quintessentially American fast food restaurant. You can also visit a museum in this city full of wacky Route 66 artifacts, antiques, old license plates and other metal car parts.

We recommend that you make another stop at Juan Delgadillo’s store to purchase a Route 66 souvenir.

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