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Are you looking for profitable investments that you can make with the means you have? The most profitable investments in history will certainly interest you!

There are many publicly traded companies whose shares since their quotations continue to be profitable. Whether it’s Coca Cola, Altria or Amazon, they cover different areas, but their profitability remains dazzling.

Coca Cola (NASDAQ: KO)

It is above all a very famous brand throughout the world thanks to its always well-developed advertising choices. Although the popularity of Coca Cola has gradually declined in developed countries due to disease problems, it is still one of the most profitable investments in history.

The Coca Cola share price is $ 50.17 as of February 26, 2021. In addition, the Coca Cola 2021 dividend is expected at $ 1.68 or an estimated return of 3.23%.

Altria (NASDAQ: MO)

The company Altria is the parent company of Marlboro which is the most consumed cigarette in the world. Since cigarettes are very addictive, sales are only increasing so much that sales made only in the United States far exceed those made by its competitors around the world. This is why Altria remains a very profitable investment in the long term.

As of February 26, 2021, the Altria share price is $ 44.63. Additionally, the current yield is estimated at 7.64% while the 2021 Altria dividend is expected at $ 3.44. (NASDAQ: AMZN)

Tablet open to applications, with Amazon icon

Amazon is a pioneer when it comes primarily to e-commerce. It is thanks to this innovative aspect that Amazon has seriously capitalized and its stocks are now ranked among the most profitable. In addition to all this, Amazon has very good development prospects, which is an important point to look at before investing.

The Amazon share price is $ 3,057.16 as of February 26, 2021. Since 2019, the company has not distributed a dividend but mainly invests in its activities and its business model deemed sufficient to satisfy investors.

Celgene (NASDAQ: CELG)

If it is necessary to speak about the most profitable investments of the last 20 years, it is not possible to leave Celgene in plan. It is a biotechnology company that markets very famous drugs around the world. In addition, it has been able to develop a very attractive portfolio thanks to research and development as well as to its acquisitions.


Apple iphone, and macbook arranged on a pink table with a cup of coffee

Apple is a company that continues to evolve every day. Its products are more and more sold and even more appreciated around the world. With the establishment of the AppStore and iTunes, Apple stood out in 2016, entering among the companies with the most profitable shares.

As of February 26, 2021, the Apple share price is $ 120.99. In addition, the current yield is estimated at 0.65% for a 2021 dividend expected at $ 0.82.

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