The Pink Telephone, A Real Help During Confinement

The confinement had enormous disastrous consequences in all areas and in particular morally. Some are faced with incredible loneliness and unfortunately cannot enjoy good company and feel alone. However, the pink telephone is a great alternative to feel less alone and isolated. Discover this help to live a less painful confinement.

A moment of sharing

Such rose is very popular because it offers you a privileged moment of sharing. If you’re feeling lonely and just can’t get enough of it, the pink phone is probably what you need. It connects you with a lovely person on the other end of the phone to discuss what you want. All subjects are obviously allowed, because the most important thing is to be able to express yourself and enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with someone, the rose phone is a kind of pressure release outlet. You can call to discuss your anxieties in these times, because talking is very good, but also to receive compliments, to feel appreciated. It is a bit of a means of survival so as not to suffer loneliness and fall into depression. The people in communication on the other end of the phone are empathetic with a highly developed sense of listening.

The way to enjoy human warmth

The pink telephone is a very good way to benefit from a little human warmth during a delicate period. Indeed, the virus has created a lot of anguish and people are more focused on themselves as well as on their families. He can then be very happy to be able to confide without restraint in someone and to express himself without any judgment.

Thus, it is a way to reveal your desires without fear, because you are listened to and understood. You have the opportunity to talk about everything including your most personal desires that you actually wouldn’t dare to express. Anonymity is obviously required and it goes without saying that discretion too.

An emotional need

During this period of pandemic and confinement, many people are suffering, because isolated and lonely without support. The pink telephone is then a way to fill this emotional need thanks to the benevolent hostesses. They are available to fill the felt void and provide the affection needed. Even if all this is only virtual, there follows a real satisfaction which is necessary to restore the smile and the hope. It all happens very naturally!

The pink phone is very useful, especially with the realities of Covid-19. It is an asset to fight against loneliness and to live serenely this difficult period.

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