The plush blanket – Why is it so important for a child’s development?

Which child doesn’t have a blanket? Or what kid doesn’t like soft toys? None and this is a good thing because the blanket has an important role in the development of the child. But should he have several, and how to choose the blanket that will accompany him at all times?

What is the role of the blanket?

The blanket is of great importance for the child, it is a true friend and ally for him. The plush is the ideal friend to be reassured, it accompanies him throughout his day, from getting up to bed. He is also present to leave the house and go on vacation.

The bond between the child and his blanket is stronger and stronger, because he is imbued with a scent that comforts him. When the child does not go well, he will console himself with him, in the event of fatigue, grief or minor ailment.

Is it better if he has one or more?

Having more than one is ideal for parents, as they will sometimes need to be washed, or you may lose one. In cases like this it is always good to have several copies, so that the child always has one.

However, the mistake not to make is to give it all soft toy at once, because the child will take them all at the same time all the time and will not be able to part with them. For the child, they are all unique, even if they are physically the same.

How do I choose a stuffed toy for my child?

Some parents make the choice to choose themselves the blanket that will accompany the child, they turn to beautiful soft toys for the little ones, take them in several copies. Once their choice is made, they put them near the child so that he gets used to it.

The other solution is to offer different models to the child, they can be soft toys, rags, or even dolls. Then, it is the child himself who will approach the blanket that intrigues him the most.

Choose soft toys that are easily washed, because it will have to be done regularly and above all that respects safety standards. The best is to go for something soft to the touch, which is pleasant for the child and easy for him to hold, so not too big.

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