The practical guide to renting furniture lifts for moving

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Living in large cities like Paris or in Île-de-France often means living on a high floor. So, when it comes time to move, it turns out to be very difficult to assemble your furniture, in often narrow stairwells. The only solution is to use a freight elevator, which will make your move easier!

Good reasons to hire a furniture lift

Renting a freight elevator for a move has many advantages, and will allow you to live this trying day with more serenity.


The first advantage of renting a furniture lift is safety. Indeed, handling heavy objects is never without risk, especially without the use of an adequate securing device. Injuries, falls, wear, may constitute the consequences. By using a furniture lift, you avoid injuries, you avoid damaging the furniture, while preserving your new home or the common parts of the building, such as the stairwell.

Saving time

Renting a freight elevator is a real time saver, insofar as the device avoids coming and going, not to mention the time it takes to go up and down several floors. As a freight elevator is able to move a heavy object without problem, it can also make several passes in no time through a window or balcony. In addition, the use of a furniture lift in Paris or Île-de-France, as proposed by Monte Meubles TDK, avoids the time wasted in dismantling furniture.

Saving money

Contrary to what one might think, renting a furniture lift makes it possible to reduce the cost of a move as much as possible. Indeed, the use of this type of device requires less labor than a normal move, where several people are needed to transport the effects to their destination. Moreover, as the risk of damage to the objects to be transported or the accommodation decreasing greatly, the payment of any repairs is not to be expected.

The steps to hire a furniture lift

To rent a furniture lift, steps are essential for an organized and successful move.

Making an appointment with the furniture lift rental company

As soon as the moving date is scheduled, it is essential to contact a service elevator rental company to make an appointment. During the interview with the professionals, it is necessary to provide the volume to be moved according to the number of heavy objects to be moved. The weight of the furniture to be transported must not exceed the maximum load of the lift provided by the rental company.

The parking permit request

Once the appointment is blocked, it is also essential toobtain a parking permit for the device from the town hall or the police station. In fact, during a move, the means of transport deployed may take up a lot of parking space. Thus, doing it as early as possible is advised to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Generally, you will receive a notice to display around the places reserved for D-Day or signs will be installed by the town hall on the day of the move. It should be noted that this parking authorization is chargeable; it costs around 20 euros, which must be included in the budget for the move.

For those who live in apartment buildings, it is always prudent to warn neighbors in advance of your project, to prevent them from being unpleasantly surprised when the time comes.

Preparing the parts to be moved

To avoid wasting time when moving using the furniture lift, it is recommended to prepare the parts to be moved beforehand. It is prepare the boxes, arrange them so that they are easily transportable, but also to leave balconies and windows empty to facilitate operations. It must also be ensured that no flammable objects are placed in the boxes to be transported.

The choice of furniture lift for moving

There is a corresponding type of furniture lift for each move, so you need to be well informed to make the most suitable choice.

Electric lifting ladder or nestable ladder

It is a freight elevator used for move objects outside via a balcony, window or terrace. The use of the ladder is effective when the place has very limited access, especially since this device is installed on site. The electric ladder is recommended for a move from the third floor to the seventh floor. It can lift up to 250 kg, but it requires a certain dexterity for its handling.

The towed furniture lift

This device includes a furniture lift and a truck which tows it. It is capable of carrying up to 400 kg. The towed furniture lift is ideal when the streets are difficult to access and is recommended from the sixth floor up to an altitude of almost 16m. The towed furniture lift is easy to install and use at the same time.


The freestanding furniture lift

The freestanding furniture lift can rise up to 18m altitude. This model is hydraulic and bulky, which makes it difficult to park. However, it is essential for a move from the seventh floor with a load of up to 500 kg. The device is usually installed under a window. The freestanding furniture lift is the most popular for business moves.

Use the services of a furniture lift rental company

To be able to use a furniture lift, it is mandatory to have the E license. This is indeed a machine that requires dexterity and experience. It is for this reason that it is necessary to call on the professional services of a furniture lift rental company.

Thus, a technician driver takes care of the machine, while advising and supervising the removal operation. The technician is in charge of the security of the entire perimeter of the move. In addition, by seeking the services of qualified personnel when handling a furniture lift, insurance is included.

When there are few items to be moved, it is possible to transport the boxes yourself. However, as soon as this involves having to move heavy furniture, the help of a specialist moving company and the rental of a freight elevator is crucial.

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