The president and his ministers on vacation

After the council of ministers on Wednesday, François Hollande and his ministers will take summer leave in France, normality obliges.
From August 2 or 3 until August 20 or 21, before the Council of Ministers meeting on August 22, Francois Hollande will take a few weeks of rest during which, he will taste like Nicolas Sarkozy or Jacques Chirac, the charm of fort of Brégançon (Var), one of the presidential residences.
As for the ministers having signed a code of ethics obliging them to decline any invitation from a foreign government, they will also remain in France. Brittany for the Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Minister of Sports Valerie Fourneyron, the Civil Service, Marylise Lebranchu. Custody of the seals Christiane Taubira returns to Guyana. Corsica will host Sylvia Pinel in charge of Trade, Vincent Peillon the Minister of Education and Frédéric Cuvillier managing Transport. Ile d’Yeu for the Minister of Labor Michel Sapin. Sun also for the Minister of the Interior, Emmanuel Valls as for Pascal Canfin (Development) or Yamina Benguigui who will abandon the Francophonie and Aurélie Filippetti will share its cultural holidays between Provence, Auvergne and the Pyrenees. Marisol Touraine , ministers of social affairs chose Burgundy and it is in the Landes that we will see the government spokesperson Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. Laurent Fabius establishes its base camps in the southwest. No indiscretion has filtered through the vacation spot of Delphine Batho (Ecology), the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg or from Fleur Pellerin (Digital Economy) . Pierre Moscovici , Minister of the Economy will remain in France.
All are nevertheless available and can be mobilized if the news requires it.

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