The silicone bracelet, an essential communication tool

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For a company, all means are good to gain visibility. And if some rely on large-scale advertising campaigns, others resort to infallible advertising objects, including silicone bracelets. This accessory has not finished surprising us and it is far from being obsolete. Multi-colored silicone bracelets are even proven to have helped many companies achieve their goals in a very short timeframe. And if this advertising object is so popular, it is because it is particularly popular with young people, who wear them all the time.

What is the interest of the silicone bracelet?

Silicone is on the way to dethrone rubber or even latex. And if this material is so favored, it is because it is reusable and presents no danger to health. Companies have understood this well and do not hesitate to affix their logos, their brands on these trendy bracelets. These are effective communication media, so that the company enjoys good visibility with a large audience.

If silicone appeals to advertisers, it is also for its flexibility and for its great handling. The investment is certainly minimal, but the impact of this promotional support is considerable. Through silicone bracelets, the company has the possibility of rejuvenate its image and reach a young audience. In short, it is the essential accessory at parties, shows and other events.

For those who believe in value for money, there is nothing better than silicone bracelets. Moreover, you can achieve maximum savings by contacting a wholesaler of silicone bracelets. In particular, you can obtain supplies from companies that offer personalized silicone bracelets and which are available in different colors. The services include printing of the logo, text or other advertising messages.

How to promote the company through silicone bracelets?

The company chooses the promotional items according to its objectives and the allocated budget. Very often, silicone bracelets are used as a corporate gift and customers are happy to receive them. It’s a way like any other to retain them, especially since the silicone bracelet is always trendy and it suits everyone.

Used wisely, silicone bracelets are formidable promotional materials. You can give them away at events organized by the company or simply as a bonus for a purchase. These accessories are also in great demand by sports stores, because customers can match their sports outfits with these famous accessories.

How to choose your silicone wristband distributor?

If you have to choose a silicone bracelets wholesaler, consider comparing several offers before you decide.

Prioritize above all distributors who offer a large choice of colors. Very often you can choose the colors via a color chart, as it is not always easy to navigate with the many hues available. In addition, you will have to choose the color of the text or the logo that will be affixed to the silicone bracelets. The ideal would be to opt for a classic color such as black or white. You can also refer to the colors specific to your company.

The choice of a supplier of silicone bracelets will be based on the styles of bracelets offered. Did you know that the printing on each bracelet could be personalized ? You will have to choose between a simple, raised or debossed print. You can also opt for single-colored bracelets or prefer the marbled versions. Otherwise, interlaced or glow in the dark silicone bracelets are quite innovative.

How to recognize a good quality silicone bracelet?

Experts are unanimous on the fact that the use of silicone improves the carbon footprint. You still have to know how to recognize good quality silicone. Note that this material is recognizable by its characteristics including:

  • Elasticity
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Its hydrophobic characteristic
  • The reusable side.

Keep in mind that silicone is odorless, so if your bracelet gives off a strange odor, it is definitely counterfeit.

The silicone bracelet, a multifunctional accessory

The event bracelet is very popular with young and old alike. This trendy accessory is a must-have at festivals or parties. Better still, the phosphorescent models are very popular and they are a very beautiful effect.

Besides the fun side, the silicone bracelet is also an identification tool. The user can enter his name or even his telephone number. In this direction, campsites and hotels use it to identify their customers, according to the formulas they have chosen. This will make it easy for staff to orient them.

custom silicone bracelet

The many opportunities to use silicone bracelets

As the advertising medium of choice, the silicone bracelet is often requested to birthdays, for parties or for special event projects like fundraisers. Companies also distribute personalized silicone bracelets during trade forums. For example, each profession can be associated with a color.

And it’s not just companies that bet on silicone bracelets, even politicians are won over by the usefulness of this accessory. As a result, it is not uncommon to find bracelets on the handles of participants in a political meeting. In addition, silicone bracelets can be adapted for the visually impaired. In this case, the patterns and inscriptions are made in Braille.

Event organizers will thus be able to identify the participants. Indeed, if the silicone bracelet is qualified as a multifunctional accessory, it is because it also acts as a pass for seasonal workers or for campsite employees. This will allow customers to quickly identify personnel. Regardless of the style and colors you choose, silicone bracelets are not going to bow out.

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