The Tomtop site for shopping, good or bad idea

Tomtop is a reference platform for anyone wishing to make online purchases at attractive prices.

A bit like AliExpress or Lightinthebox, this Chinese online sales site is renowned for offering very low prices and significant discounts on its vast catalog of products. But what is it really worth?

Tomtop overview

Tomtop is an e-commerce site specializing in selling and shipping products from China to the rest of the world. Founded in 2004, it is one of the oldest Chinese online sales platforms cited among the best in the field like Aliexpress. Unlike the latter, Tomtop is not a Marketplace, but a classic sales site managing its own stocks and responsible for the quality of its articles.

Available in French and well structured, the Tomtop site is distinguished by its very competitive prices, its wide choice of products and the guarantees granted to you in particular.

Are the products of quality in the store?

On Tomptop, the products are interesting with very competitive prices, but the quality can sometimes leave something to be desired. All in all, you are dealing with low-quality Chinese products, mid-range at most. They will not always comply with the European standards of quality and safety imposed, nor comparable to major American brands.

That said, their value for money remains excellent and you will risk less disappointment by being careful what you buy, checking the product sheet, price and user reviews among others.

What are the fees to be added at the time of purchase?

Delivery fees

Some products marked free shipping benefit from free delivery on Tomtop. For these you will not have to pay any fees. On the other hand, for other products the applicable delivery costs will vary depending on the nature of the item, its weight, the warehouse (China, Spain, Germany …), the country of destination or the delivery option chosen. .

Customs fees and import taxes

Your purchases shipped from warehouses in China to Europe or France are likely to be subject to customs controls and be subject to VAT and import taxes when they cross the 100 € mark. However, you can avoid these costs by choosing a Chinese carrier for delivery, or by choosing warehouses located in Europe.

What are the payment options on Tomtop?

The Tomtop site offers several convenient and secure payment methods. You can pay for your purchase by PayPal, credit card, Qiwi, Wire Transfer, or Western Union whichever suits you.

If the product does not suit me, what are the return and refund conditions?

If you are not satisfied with your order or have received a defective, damaged or shoddy product you can return them for replacement, repair or refund. To do this, you must contact the after-sales service providing the references and a photo of the product concerned. Tomtop generally offers a one year warranty on its products. However, you must bear the costs in case of return.

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