The Top 10 Sites to Watch Series Streaming

With technological advancement, there is no need to focus in front of the television to watch your favorite movies and series. With your laptops, smartphones, iPhones and other devices, it is possible to watch your movies streaming through dedicated websites. Legal downloads are allowed anytime, anywhere. If you are fond of series, you must visit websites capable of presenting latest generation productions. Thus, you will not miss any cinematographic novelties. To help you out, here are the top 10 sites to watch streaming series.

Zone Streaming (

Site Streaming Zone

It’s a site that carefully keeps the links of free videos found on platforms like youtube and Vimeo. Once on the site, you will not pay a cent to access these links and watch your series. Over the years, Zone Streaming has joined forces with other partners, including television channels from French-speaking countries. This site stores the videos of the series from these televisions in one place for Internet users who would like to see them again. Zone Streaming therefore offers all these series in high definition for the happiness of Internet users.

Wikiserie (

Wikiserie website

In the top 10 sites for watching series in streaming, it is in second position. It is a website from which you can watch series in French for free. On, you will find series from the first season to the last season. In addition to that, there is a skylight where the user has the latitude to search for the series he wants to see. This is one of the advantages of the wikiserie site. This is what justifies its presence in this top 10.

Series Streaming (https: // & Streaming-Série

Series streaming sites

In third and fourth place we have respectively the sites and Streaming-Série (, which Internet users visit. One of the advantages of the Serie Streaming site is that the Internet user does not need to subscribe or register. All he has to do is go to the site and choose the series he likes. In addition, streaming-Série is for its part, a site which broadcasts film productions with nearly 80% of series. As soon as you access the site, the latest series are presented to you.

FreeSeries (

Free serial site

Located in fifth place in this top 10, the site. It is a website for watching movies live or offline, downloading them for free (as its name suggests). The series are classified according to the years (from the most recent to the oldest). Most of the series are of American and French origin.

PapyStreaming (

Papystreaming site

It offers the possibility of watching movies and series in streaming. It is placed in the sixth position of this top 10. When you enter the name of the PapyStreaming site, you will notice on the home page that there are several films and series in high definition. These films and series are generally from the current year or the previous year. At the bottom of the site, you have the option to search for series that date from previous years. It is not uncommon for the site to change address, but there is always an article providing the new addresses, here is more to find out.

SeeSeries ( site

The VoirSéries site should not be confused with VoirFilm, this site is in seventh place in this ranking because it offers popular series. After reading the welcome board, we realize that the user has the option of watching the series or downloading them in high definition. It’s a real boon for movie lovers.

French Streaming (

French-streaming site

We have the site in eighth position. On this site, there are series, feature films, but also comics in French. The site is rich in color.

VkStream ( and En Serie (

Vkstream site

The top 10 sites for watching series in streaming ends with the site “VkStream” in 9th position and the site “En Serie” which brings up the rear. These two sites have practically the same headings. For example, “top series” and “series by genre” are two sections that can be found on the same sites. On these sites, the series are accessible free of charge. A major innovation is that on the VKStream site you can watch unlimited streaming series without lag. The site also offers Internet users the possibility of following the series’ previews even before they are broadcast on television channels. Finally, the En Serie site broadcasts French and American series and often from other countries.

Why be wary of free streaming

It is essential to be wary of free streaming which in reality can be expensive for the Internet user. According to the Hadopi law, anyone who downloads films illegally can be prosecuted for “concealment of counterfeit”.

It is piracy, in such circumstances, he can get 3 years in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros. All this fortune could have been saved if the Internet user had given himself the means to acquire the original copy of the series for which he is being sued. After having used a few cents to acquire mega bytes of connection for downloading, the Internet user is now forced to spend nearly a third of a million euros.

Beyond the custodial sentence, the Internet user could, by watching streaming movies for free, nab a virus in his computer and damage it. While streaming is of undeniable utility, it still remains a threat to the film industry because a series or film that is too shared represents a shortfall for the production team.

Here’s how to legally enjoy streaming

To avoid the problems mentioned above, you have to use strategy to enjoy streaming legally and understand what makes downloading and streaming illegal. For this, two proposals are available to you. First, you need to subscribe to a streaming site in order to have legal access to all the series and other movies you want. If you do not have the means or the will, then the second alternative would be to go watch your series on legally constituted sites, which will introduce sequences of commercials during the broadcast.

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