The true story of Yen Yen the giant panda from China

Recently I was looking for a book for my 4 year old nephew and while browsing the shelves I found myself on the page of this book The true story of Yen Yen the giant panda published by Nathan.

I bought it thinking that this book would make him happy, but in the end he fell in love with pandas thanks to this book. So here’s a quick tour of this book.

The true story of Yen Yen the giant panda in summary

The true story of Yen Yen le panda Giant is a children’s book written by Fred Bernard and illustrated by Julie Faulques, all published by Nathan. But where it gets really interesting is that this album is in partnership with the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle!

A little extra that helps children to be more sensitive to nature. So what is the story of this little book?

Yen-Yen is a baby panda who strayed too far from his mother until he got lost in the bamboo forest. He is eventually taken in by humans and grows up far from the wilderness in Pekin Zoo. Then one day the zoo and China decide to lend it to France where its new home will be the Vincennes zoo. A journey that will lead him to meet the President of France and overcome these changes.

This story is the true story of the panda Yen Yen who lived at the Vincennes Zoo in Paris, Yen Yen was captured in Pingwu County (Sichuan Province) on April 1, 1973 and his estimated age at capture was 7 months (estimated birth in September 1972) and will end his sweet life in France.

My opinion and the opinion of my nephew

I think this book is great for children, it brings real landmarks to the child, a city he knows, a country he knows and, ultimately, what he can hear every day about pandas.

The story is well written, I enjoyed reading it to my nephew, not only do they tell a story (which is also true!), But they also allow you to discover a lot of things about the animal in question, here Panda. Both the story and the little documentary at the end of the book are very informative for animal lovers.

As for my nephew, I think I can sum up what he thought about it in just one sentence. “When are we going to see the pandas in Beauval to show them the history of yen yen, a panda that arrived in France before you. “

If you want to buy it it is easy to find on Amazon for 11.95 €.

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