The Wish site for shopping, good or bad idea?

Wish is one of the many Chinese e-commerce platforms popular in France and in Europe and requested by millions of users looking for good deals.

Functioning as a gigantic marketplace housing thousands of stores, Wish stands out with its unbeatable prices. But can we really trust the site and the quality of its products?

Introducing Wish

Launched in 2011 by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang with the Wishlist application (aimed at facilitating online shopping for Internet users), then renamed Wish in 2013, the e-commerce platform quickly rose to the rank of the best in its category. .

Based on the marketplace system a bit like the giant Aliexpress, Wish does not hold any stock but simply serves as a liaison interface between buyers and sellers. The products of all kinds that enrich its catalog come from Chinese suppliers, largely justifying the abnormally low prices charged by the platform.

Are the products of quality in the store?

Buying from the Wish store is certainly interesting and economical, but be careful what you buy! In general, Wish does not shine with the best products there is. The quality offered is usually as low as the attractive prices at which the items are sold. A defect accentuated by the operating mode of the platform (marketplace system) without conformity or quality control, less serious sellers, as well as the Chinese origin of most of the products.

What are the fees to add at the time of purchase?

When you make a purchase from this type of store, you will see a first price, but you must not forget to add various additional costs.

Delivery fees

Note that their amount may vary depending on the seller, the nature of the product, the weight of the package or your destination. In general, they are mentioned in the product sheet or displayed during the finalization of your order.

Customs fees and import taxes

Since products in the Wish store come mainly from China and countries outside the European Union, they are subject to customs duties or VAT corresponding to approximately 20% of the purchase cost. If you are making large purchases, it is best to do so in several small individual orders to avoid customs checks and the associated costs.

What are the payment options on Wish?

On Wish you can pay for your purchase using 3 payment methods of your choice. Notably by PayPal or Google Wallet, considered the simplest and most secure methods. But you also have the option of paying by credit card.

If the product does not suit me, what are the return and refund conditions?

As Wish is the Chinese e-commerce platform with the best after-sales service, you will have virtually no difficulty in getting a refund if your purchase does not suit you, if it is defective or does not correspond.

The return policy states that you must return the item in question within 30 days of receipt. Once the return has been made, the refund can be made after 3 days for payments via PayPal and about a week by credit card. Note that the return costs are your responsibility.

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