Theragun, the brand for your massage gun

Choosing a massage gun without looking or mentioning the Theragun massage gun is pure heresy, so has it established itself in the world of personal physiotherapy.

But what can justify this avant-garde? Certainly the innovations that the brand offers, but also and above all its effectiveness in muscle therapy. Let’s discover together this high performance self-massage gun signed Theragun.

Presentation of the Theragun massage gun

The Theragun massage gun, like those of the brand Abox and Hypervolt is one of the most popular on the market. The brand presents several models with various and varied functions, so as to satisfy both professional athletes and ordinary users.

The G2Pro, G3Pro, G3, Liv, are among others the models offered by Theragun. But these are already old models, because the Theragun pistols of 4th generation are already available on the market. These include the Pro, Elite, Prime and Mini models.

  • The Theragun Pro massage gun is the most successful model, and also the most expensive. Primarily intended for professional athletes and for professional use.
  • The Theragun Elite, premium model, is a good compromise between price and performance.
  • The Theragun Prime is the discovery model. It allows you to enjoy all the basic functionality of a massage gun without breaking the bank.
  • The Theragun Mini is an ultra-compact model, the main advantage of which is its portability.

Why choose Theragun?

Man getting massage with massage gun on his back

The answer is quite simple: because it is unquestionably one of the best brands of percussion therapy devices of the market. The Theragun massage gun is the solution to effectively fight against your muscle tension, pain and contractures.

Indeed, this device is equipped with many features, ranging from basic massage to connectivity with other connected objects, via Bluetooth. He knows how to combine power, performance and strength, depending on model. With more than 2,500 percussions per minute at its maximum speed, it is very effective for painful parts of the muscle.

Lightweight, flexible and adjustable, the Theragun self-massage gun has been designed to facilitate its use. Thanks to its “Quietforce Technology” motors it can be up to 86% quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner. Finally, available next a large range, its price is suitable for all budgets.

How to choose your Theragun massage gun?

Massage gun used on the forearm by a man

To know which model of Theragun massage gun is right for you, you should first of all consider how often and how you use the device, which are closely related to your level of sports activity: are you a professional athlete or then a jogger of Sunday ?

Then all you have to do is make compromises on criteria such as the noise level of the gun, ergonomics, not to mention the price.

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