Thermal insulation from the outside: what are the advantages?

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Do you want to further insulate your home or are thinking about the best possible insulation for a new construction project? Currently, thermal insulation from the outside is the preferred method. Let’s find out together what it is and its benefits.

What is exterior thermal insulation?

Sometimes found under its acronym ITE, Exterior Thermal Insulation is an insulation technique in which insulation and facing materials are placed on the exterior part of the construction.

Traditionally, this insulation was done from the inside. This new method of wall insulation provides better performance, comfort, better home protection and savings.

Improved acoustic and thermal performance

The primary objective of insulation is to improve thermal performance. With insulation from the outside, the results are clear. On paper, the layout guarantees you to comply with RT2012 and to obtain good results in the DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis).

Whether this insulation is done on old housing or new construction, it also offers better acoustic performance. If you live on a busy street or close to a street, double glazing is not enough to mask all the noise. These can diffuse through thin walls or the roof. Insulation from the outside increases your sound protection.

A house where life is good all year round

How many new homeowners go into ecstasies at the time of purchase, only to find bitterly that the house is a thermal strainer? In summer, the heat wave invites itself into the house, while in winter, only a heating pushed to its limits allows you to find the courage to come out from under the duvet.

If this is the case in your current home, wall insulation can revolutionize your daily life by providing a pleasant room temperature.

Daily life is then better. You do not alternate hot flashes and chills, the thinnest possible tank tops and lined sweaters.

This controlled temperature benefits the whole family, resulting in more well-being at home and fewer minor winter illnesses such as colds.

We should also add that the construction period is easier to live with with insulation from the outside. Indeed, imagine that you want to improve the energy performance of a house in which you live. With the classic technique, you have to remove everything from your walls, let employees come in and dirty the house with debris, make noise… Thanks to the ITE, these inconveniences disappear. The pros work outside while you live indoors without the hassle other than the noise inherent in their day job.

The building is damaged less over time

The problems of poor insulation of an apartment or house do not end with discomfort. In the long term, it can become catastrophic for the building.

The best-known example is the appearance of traces of mold. Not knowing how to contain the humidity, the walls and ceilings show large traces.

Note that the materials used for exterior insulation may be different if your house is exposed to a lot of humidity. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to go through a true professional of the method when choosing the materials.

Energy savings that translate into savings on bills

A better insulated house is a real economic gain. Energy costs more and more and its price curve exceeds that of inflation. However, if you live in an energy colander, you must turn on the heaters and air conditioners high.

Electric heaters, old stoves, or small auxiliary air conditioners can prove to be a money pit, and your bills will easily exceed triple digits every month.

Of course, re-insulating an old house comes at a cost, but it pays for itself in the long run. However, if the installation price is quickly absorbed by monthly savings and living comfort is greatly improved, it is legitimate to wonder how you could ignore insulation work from the outside.

Finally, a house with quality insulation sells better. Today, poorly insulated houses are fewer and fewer and aware of the price of energy, buyers still look at this criterion. If you have insulation that offers excellent DPE and low energy bills, your home becomes more attractive and that translates into a higher sale price.

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