Timberland the trendy clothing brand? Reviews and Presentation

The first thought if we talk to you about Timberland should be their bestseller, the famous yellow boots. Timeless for decades, we see them everywhere, every winter, to the point of naively thinking that the brand only produces this item. However, it turns out that the brand has an impressive range of ready-to-wear.

Timberland brand history

If Timberland launched in 1973 with the famous Original Yellow Boots, it should be noted that Nathan Swartz, founder of the brand, was first an apprentice shoemaker in 1918 and then bought the Abington Shoe Company between 1952 and 1955.

In 1965, the Swartz family invented a new manufacturing process which is injection molding. By this process, the boots that it makes can be completely waterproof since there are no more seams between the sole and the leather. A revolution in the world of footwear!

The company opened up to the ready-to-wear market in 1988 for men in order to expand its clothing offer. Since then, the brand has offered products for women and children and always with the same quality.

Finally, the brand is also known for working on reducing its impact on the environment with the creation of a responsible label called “Our Footprint”, starting in 2006.

What does the Timberland brand offer?

As you were told previously, Timberland first became known through its offers of men’s shoes. First with the iconic Yellow Boots, as resistant as it is urban, then followed by the first boat moccasins, ideal for a dressed city look.

Then the company also introduced its first models of hiking boots with the “Outdoor” collection. Here again, the brand is innovative by adding a rubber lug sole that allows optimal grip and traction.

Then in 1988, the brand opened in the field of ready-to-wear and accessories and always intended for men. It offers leather products for men looking for comfortable, practical, resistant and authentic items.

Timberland continues, in 2008, its momentum with the creation of a high-end collection called Timberland Abington. Here, the company highlights manufacturers who are excellent in their field, such as Vibram for rubber or Woolrich for wool. This collection is inspired by traditional models from the great American era.

Our opinion on the Timberland brand

When it comes to boots, Timberland is a sure bet. Regardless of the model, you will find boots that are solid, waterproof and durable over time. Depending on your style, you can find your happiness with more urban boots or with a more worked style to perfectly finish a more chic look.

Timberland’s desire to work with quality materials is also reflected in their ready-to-wear range. The fabrics are once again strong, thick and the correct fit. The finishes provided are also of good quality, which allows good durability of the garment.

We can therefore say that when it comes to quality / price ratio, buying Timberland is a good deal. We also appreciate the brand’s work to create products made from recycled materials, a great commitment from a company of this size!

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