Tips and advice for landscaping your garden

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The garden is a highly sought after feature by people looking for a new home. A beautiful exposure, a flat ground, no vis-à-vis… This perfect green space can considerably increase the sale price of the property.

But, once installed, the garden and its arrangement become a difficult problem. To have a beautiful and practical garden, here is how you should go about deciding its use.

Make plans for the garden

You don’t have to be an expert to understand with the naked eye that a room is 10 square meters, or rather 20 square meters. But, when the areas increase, it takes an expert eye. So, in a garden, who can tell if the space is 300, 500, 700 meters?

These figures, which may seem close, are nevertheless essential for the choice of your fittings. The smaller the space, the more the question arises.

Make precise calculations, then make plans to decide for each part a specific activity.

Make several distinct spaces

A garden is not uniform, even if we do not give names to all these parts as we do for the interior.

Nevertheless, in your plans, think in terms of the universe. The first that comes naturally is the terrace area where you will be able to relax and receive your guests.

Then another common part is the play area reserved for children. Having a place reserved for accessories like the slide avoids dedicating your garden exclusively to childish amusements.

Then, according to your needs, decide on other activities for the garden. It can be a space for the practice of sports such as football or badminton, a small square of fenced grass to mark out the place where the dog must do his pee and poo, a vegetable garden, a flower bed. , the presence of a rainwater collection tank, etc.

Again, the smaller your garden, the more specific your plans should be.

Ensure visual consistency

Your garden universes must live side by side. It must therefore have visual consistency throughout your exterior. There is no question of having on one side contemporary children’s games over-occupying a space, then an unmaintained empty part, followed by a small vegetable garden in Japanese design. It wouldn’t look like anything.

To create a visual harmony, you can read specialized magazines, consult sites like or call a professional.

Indeed, a competent landscaper can define upstream, and according to your instructions, sketches of your future garden and discuss with you the arrangements to be made between the plans and the realization to obtain an exterior that you will find magnificent and practical.

Plan the necessary maintenance

Do you remember the difference between your hairstyle when you walk out of the salon and that a week later? It is the same with your garden.

If you employ a professional gardener or plant new plants, everything is going to be fine. The set is beautiful, requires little maintenance … until everything grows.

For lack of time, desire or know-how and materials, your garden gradually ends up being far from your initial aspirations.

For this reason, if you cannot afford the services of a gardener, you should plan the time you will need to maintain your garden. Certain choices of plants, coverings can make big differences.

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