Tobacco: The French smoke less and less … here’s why

Is this finally the culmination of decades of tobacco control? We are in any case entitled to think so in view of the dithyrambic figures published by Public Health France. Indeed, the annual smoking barometer shows a historic decline over 5 years (from 2014 to 2019), estimated at more than 16%. Has smoking become outdated ? Did the French suddenly fall in love with their state of health? We take stock.

Rising prices, a decisive factor

Certain packs of cigarettes saw their price increase on the 1er July 2020… fueling a frantic streak that accelerated in 2017. For example, the 20-pack cigarettes of the brands Camel, Elixyr, Fortuna and Winston went from 9.50 to 9.60 €.

The price of roll-your-own tobacco is also on an upward trend, the last increase having occurred in March 2020 (one euro more for the 30-gram packaging). In a context marked by uncertain economic conditions, the French have never been so worried about their purchasing power.

Remember that the Ministry of Solidarity and Health had set itself the goal of gradually increasing the price of a packet of cigarettes. at 10 € by the end of the year. The economic argument has undoubtedly been decisive in the decline in smoking in France.

More offensive awareness campaigns

With the entry into force of the so-called “neutral packet” law, the increase in the font size of warning messages on packets, the use of shock photos since 2017 and the participation of high profile personalities in the fight against smoking, prevention and awareness campaigns seem to be bearing fruit.

The “Tabac Info Service” initiative, for example, has achieved unexpected success with smokers. Launched by the High Council of Public Health, it provides smokers with a tobacco specialist who, through a series of interviews, accompanies the smoker in the process of smoking cessation, free of charge.

This remote coaching has already enabled thousands of smokers to quit. According to the High Council for Public Health, 27% of smokers who called 3989 (non-surcharged call, Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) quit smoking within three months. An application (Android and iOS) is available to smokers who wish to embark on the path of withdrawal.

Ever more efficient alternatives …

… But also less expensive. After nicotine patches and gums, it is the electronic cigarette that is now at the forefront of the tools available to smokers to quit smoking. ” Like the High Council of Public Health, we consider that the electronic cigarette can be a tool to stop smoking », Explains Olivier Smadja, responsible for Tabac Info Service.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming real high tech devices, allowing vapers to vary “the pleasures” to never go back to square one again. The market is driven by innovative brands like Juul, Eleaf, Innokin and above all Vaporesso. You can go to Vapoclope to see the different models of Vaporesso electronic cigarettes.

If it still contains nicotine (unless you opt for a 0% e-liquid), the electronic cigarette saves the vapoteur more than a hundred toxic substances that are found in the classic cigarette, such as tar especially.

Other alternatives can accompany the smoker in his quest for better health, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and nicotine replacement therapy.

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