Tommy Hilfiger the trendy clothing brand? Reviews and Presentation

Tommy Hilfiger is a world famous brand. If we know her for her perfumes, her glasses, her watches or even her furniture items, today we are going to present her collection of ready-to-wear clothes.

Introducing Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger brand was created in 1985 by Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, stylist and specializes in ready-to-wear. His trademark, which has been recognized worldwide, is to have paid tribute to the Classic American Cool Style, style that is recognized by its preppy patterns.

It is Tommy Hilfiger’s drive to provide consumers around the world with superior style, quality and value under the Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans brands. There are many collections under these two brands such as Hilfiger Collection, Tommy Hilfiger Tailored or TommyxGigi.

In the 90s, the brand dresses Snoop Dogg and takes a streetwear turn with wider clothing which tends to popularize it with the public. In any case, it’s impossible not to have missed the Tommy Hilfiger phenomenon with its rowdy advertisements.

Today, Tommy Hilfiger is a global apparel and retail company with more than 15,000 employees worldwide. The brand has established an extensive distribution network in more than 100 countries and today there are more than 1,800 stores around the world.

Introducing Tommy Jeans

Previously Hilfiger Denim, Tommy Jeans has been affirming, since the spring 2018 pre-collection, the brand’s desire to reach Millennials and Generation Z, the new generations of consumers.

Unlike Hilfiger Denim, Tommy Jeans is much less classic to match its younger audience. Thus, the colors are more lively and the lookbook plays with the codes of streetwear and the stacking of layers.

Tommy Jeans has a great collection for men where you can find t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, coats, jackets, jeans, pants, shorts and shoes and accessories. Prices range from 16 to 299 € and also offers time-limited capsule collections. At the time of this writing, you can find the TommyJeansXCoca-Cola collection to rob on their website.

Our opinion on the Tommy Hilfiger brand

With the Tommy Hilfiger brand, we are not at the entry-level of ready-to-wear. Also, it is therefore possible that your clothing budget does not allow you to put € 55 in a t-shirt or € 100 in cargo shorts and we will not blame you.

The real question is whether this brand is worth paying that price for the clothes it offers. The answer is that we are extremely divided because the quality of the clothes is very variable even if everything is not to be thrown away.

Indeed, we can find original and good quality sweaters. Note that their polo shirts can be of decent quality. However, we do not believe that the quality / price ratio is respected and we strongly advise you to wait until the sales to get a better deal with this brand.

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