Top 10 Best Cheap and Reliable Chinese Sites

By offering products at low prices, Chinese sites have been so successful in France that they have quickly changed our consumption habits. But in front of the many sites available, it is legitimate to ask the question about their reliability. We have thus concocted a top 10 of reliable and inexpensive Chinese sites.

Aliexpress: The leader in e-commerce from China

You obviously know the undisputed leader of Chinese e-commerce sites! But to present it quickly, Aliexpress is a marketplace which is made available to Chinese sellers to sell their products across the globe.

If it has had a bad reputation in the past by being very little looking at the sellers and because of the strong presence of counterfeits, the site has greatly improved over time. These days, it is still possible to find counterfeit products, but it is not very difficult to avoid them by looking carefully at the user reviews.

As a leader, the site attracts a huge number of sellers, so you can find just about anything you are looking for at prices beating all the competition. From high-tech items to clothing, there is plenty to do on Aliexpress.

Wish: The star app to buy on a smartphone

So Wish is not Chinese, but American. In addition, it is essentially a smartphone application and if there is indeed a site, it remains minor in the user experience. However, the application has its place in this top for its concept similar to the others.

Wish is therefore a marketplace which is currently enjoying some success and which allows you to be put in contact with, mainly, Chinese sellers. However, the application is not reserved for them and it is possible to find products sent from Europe.

In our top, Wish is classified as an attractive application for its very large number of products and the prices offered among the lowest. Reliability leaves a lot to be desired, however, and you need to rely on user reviews more than ever to get the best deals.

Joom: Buying really cheap Chinese products

The advantage of Joom, unlike Aliexpress and Wish, is its quality control! Indeed, each seller wanting to take advantage of the platform is controlled by the team and their products are offered for sale directly by the site in order to avoid scams and counterfeits.

Fatally, with this control there is less choice than on competing platforms and the products are therefore slightly more expensive. But it also means that you are also less likely to receive a poor quality product, although it can happen occasionally.

To remedy the flaws, the site is however equipped with a reactive and quality after-sales service which favors reimbursements in the event of a problem. In addition, it is recommended to go through the smartphone application to enjoy a better user experience and additional discount.

Gearbest: The Chinese site for high-tech

In our top, Gearbest presents itself as the reference Chinese site for high-tech products. In particular to find the latest Chinese brand smartphones, Xiaomi and Huawei in the lead and at a reduced price.

Its big strength is not to be a marketplace, Gearbest being responsible for the sales and the delivery of the products sold on the site. They therefore also take care of the after-sales service which is particularly effective. Which makes it one of the most reliable Chinese sites.

Shein: Women’s Clothing Site

Shein is a Chinese boutique that is basically entirely dedicated to women’s fashion. From clothes to shoes, all fashionistas will be able to do business at great prices. But the site now offers a small section for men.

Since the clothes were originally produced for the Asian market, the build is not exactly the same. You must therefore pay attention to the size of the clothes so as not to end up with a bad surprise on arrival.

Romwe: The really cheap clothing store

Shein’s direct competitor, Romwe is also a Chinese boutique dedicated to really cheap clothing. If it is primarily intended for women, there is also a selection, necessarily smaller, for men.

What really makes the difference between Shein and Romwe is their respective after-sales service and therefore the user experience. Romwe’s is considered to be less reliable than Shein’s, so it ends up below this top.

Lightinthebox: A reliable and old shop

In the field of Chinese sites, Light in the Box is one of the oldest offered on the web, even before Aliexpress! If it is less under the spotlight, its longevity nevertheless demonstrates the seriousness of this store.

Unlike Aliexpress, Light in the Box is not a marketplace. It is therefore the site that directly sells the products and takes care of after-sales service. Dedicated initially to fashion and the home, the site has since become more generalist.

Tomtop: A general store like Aliexpress

To put it simply, Tomtop is a general store like Aliexpress, but which supplies itself from Chinese manufacturers. We are therefore not dealing with a marketplace and you buy directly from the store.

Compared to Aliexpress, therefore, there is less choice, a stock that is managed directly by Tomtop and slightly higher prices, which makes it fall to the bottom of the top. Despite its haphazard French translation, the site is reliable.

Banggood: One of the sites like Aliexpress

Launched long before Light in the Box, Banggood is the oldest Chinese site in this top. In order to present it simply, we will say that it is between Aliexpress and Gearbest. Generalist therefore, but with the best Chinese brands available.

The site is full of products, but it has remained in the shadows in the face of fierce competition from other brands. It remains, however, a reliable Chinese site where you can take a look out of curiosity.

Alibaba: To buy really wholesale

Alibaba belongs to the same group as Aliexpress, but unlike its famous little brother, it is primarily intended for professionals. It is presented as the best Chinese wholesaler to be able to order wholesale, directly from manufacturers.

If you are therefore professional, you can negotiate prices, quantities, delivery method with sellers, etc. but also ask for a test product in particular to check the quality before a larger order.

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