Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Anime Streaming

Are you an anime fan looking for a good streaming site to meet your daily entertainment quota? Finding a streaming site that meets your expectations can be much more difficult than you think.

We are aware of this, and have taken care to put together this ranking of the 10 best streaming sites for anime, allowing you to always know where to find your favorite programs without breaking your head.

9, manga in high definition

Well known in the anime viewing community, 9 is an American platform for viewing manga for free and in high definition. The site does not advertise, and you can watch your animes non-stop on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The 500,000 daily visitors to 9 can search their programs by genre, reviews and, very recently, by year of publication. The site does not store any files on its servers therefore downloads are not possible., anime of all styles

Gogo Anime streaming site web page

Accessible to all Internet users from all over the world, is a viewing platform for animated documentaries, films or series, presented in a very particular style. It offers some programs or episodes only in Japanese without subtitles, but always with another version in English dubbed. is hosted in the Netherlands and receives over 3.5 million visitors per day, who can watch their favorite anime in HD and even download them to watch offline later., on the lookout for new releases

Crunchyroll manga streaming site web page

Hosted in the United States, Crunchyroll receives more than 8 million daily visits and offers animated programs in 720p resolution. On the platform, you have a daily news review on new releases that you can watch in various languages: English, German, Italian, French, and in subtitled or dubbed versions.

In addition to free viewing of anime, Crunchyroll also allows you to broadcast animated content on the platform. You will then need a premium subscription for this., amazingly designed

Animefreak manga streaming site web page

Although it is American, this site is made in the Japanese style with its striking colors and design. It offers its half a million daily visitors very good English dubbed manga streaming experiences, and sometimes unique experiences. The site in fact has many times held exclusivity on certain programs. is available on PC, tablet or smartphone through its new application downloadable from Apple Store., a large collection

AnimeDao streaming site website

Listed with nearly 200,000 visitors per day, is an American streaming site that is in the viewing or broadcasting of animated in HD. It houses a large collection of anime series and its search function is perfectly developed to allow you to quickly find your favorite programs in Japanese or dubbed English.

What anime fans love about is the downloads which not only are possible, but are done at an awesome speed., one of the best collection

Chia-anime manga streaming site web page

Hosted in Australia, is a platform dedicated to Anime Streaming. Its extensive collection of programs is among the best around and attracts around 1,000 distinct visitors every day. It includes manga from the oldest releases to the news, in original version with subtitles.

Although it also works quite well on a computer, we can notice a clear difference on a smartphone. The experience is much smoother and faster., incredible quality

Masteranime manga streaming site web page

If it is part of our ranking of the best streaming sites for anime, it is of course for the impeccable quality of its interface, its updates always at the top. The resolution of the content is appreciable and attracts more than 7,500 visitors during the day. is an American site that allows you to view or broadcast manga on the web. By streaming anime on, you have the option to change the domain name., the latest releases are there

My Anime List streaming site webpage

Specialized in all new anime releases of all kinds, is a site hosted in the USA which claims about 23,000 visitors per day. Its collection is quite diverse and filled with anime in movies or series that you can watch without pesky commercials.

For the more nostalgic, also has some old animated productions that you will easily find in Japanese with version dubbed in English. The site is accessible free of charge and no need to register., very popular with Australians

Animefranzy manga streaming site web page

Hosted in the USA, this site has enjoyed a high rating this summer, mainly with our Australian friends. It registers 55,000 visitors a day, who come to use free of charge from the vast collection of programs offered to them and regularly updated on the site. is well organized and lists its content according to the most common criteria (genre, year, review / ratings, and.). But what is also neat is its random option which suggests random programs for you to watch, and make a bad discovery., attracts a lot of visitors

Watch Anime streaming site web page

Hosted in Paris, this French site has more than 3,000 visitors per day, to whom it offers to watch and even download free of charge their favorite animated programs in various resolutions. The collection is quite varied and you can find all kinds of manga in original Japanese versions dubbed in French or English.

To watch you do not need to register. But the downloads are conditioned by a quick and free registration on the site.

Is it legal to watch streams?

Not always ! In fact, streaming, which consists of distributing content on the web, is legal if and only if you own the copyright to that content. This is unfortunately not the case for the majority (if not all) of the aforementioned sites.

You will understand that an author can in no way freely and freely distribute the fruit of his intelligence, and even less if it is his profession.

Legal alternatives to all these sites to watch your anime streaming

It is a good initiative to seek legal streaming in order to maintain good morale and above all to encourage renowned authors and platforms to offer 100% legal streaming.

We are talking here about Americans Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and Netflix; French OCS; etc. These offer video content with very good resolutions up to 4K, for a standard monthly subscription rather affordable and around $ 10.

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