Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Anime Streaming

Are you an anime fan looking for a good streaming site? With the multitude of video on demand platforms available on the internet, it is indeed not at all easy to navigate! To make it easier for you, we’ve provided our pick of the 10 best sites for streaming anime below.

9, to see all types of anime

9 animated is a platform that allows you to watch anime of all kinds. With its fast and regular updates, its high-resolution videos, the flow is assured and you never miss a moment of your program.

The site that you will find at does not directly host the videos but does offer links to them. It acts as a kind of bridge between video sites and your PC. Therefore, it is not possible to download there., no matter where you are

Gogoanime Streaming Site

Organization and diversification are the major assets of this site. It offers animated series and films to these visitors, accessible everywhere on the planet. At, you can have unsubtitled Japanese episodes or English dubbing and clips.

Unlike 9, directly hosts its content so you can upload your videos there and watch them later. The graphic quality is appreciable and the flow in direct viewing is impeccable., in the language you want

Crunchyroll Streaming Site

Accessible almost everywhere on the planet, crunchyroll allows users to watch or broadcast video content of their favorite anime, in dubbed version or with English subtitles. This justifies a mandatory premium subscription starting at $ 7.99. For newcomers, the site offers a possibility of a free 2-week trial.

Also, crunchyroll is a multilingual site. You can watch your anime in German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. in HD mode with a resolution of 720 pixels by visiting, the 100% Japanese streaming site

100% Japanese, whether in its style or its content, this site allows you to watch for free and continuously, several types of animated versions in original, dubbed or subtitled versions. The most here is that sometimes has the exclusive rights to certain anime releases.

In addition, to keep the news feed of your anime anywhere and anytime, the content of this site is also accessible from your smartphone via the Anime Freak application free to download from the Apple store., for ease

Animedao Streaming Site

On which you will find at the presentation is simple and fluid, the search for your manga is fast, and you can even switch to dark mode. Watch animated series and films with English subtitles or dubbed in SD 480p or HD 720p format.

The site does not host its anime. The videos are stored on the servers of third-party platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. However, you can download videos here to watch them later, and fans just like the download speed., a large collection of anime streaming site

Launched on 1er January 2009 in Okinawa, Japan, has the best and largest collection of anime. Whether old or new anime, you’ll find them here for free in a subtitled version for the most part, just an hour after their official release in Japan.

Accessible anywhere in the world,, which you will find on can be used on both computer and smartphone. However, smartphone use is much better. For distribution, also uses third-party sites as hosts., one of the best for watching anime

Masterani streaming site

It is among the elite of live streaming sites for watching anime. The quality of the graphics and the layout are impressive and offer good experiences for free watching and streaming of your series, movies and anime shows in HD format all resolutions combined.

Before watching a program, you can consult the opinions (positive or not) that previous visitors have left on the site, and if necessary change the name of the server. It is also possible to download content.

AnimeDigitalNetwork DNA, enjoy the latest anime

DNA streaming site

Here you will find new anime releases for free in all categories, but also old manga to commemorate good memories. The collection is quite large and there is no ad that cuts you off from the action.

The videos are not only available in Japanese on the site. There is also a version dubbed in English to satisfy the large number of non-Japanese-speaking visitors., the regularity of updates

Animefrenzy streaming site

Completely free, this site updates its content daily so that you are always up to date with new anime. Moreover, it has a good range of amazing features for its subscribers, like the random button which offers you to view random manga and make discoveries.

However, the organization is individually designed so that you can easily find your favorite anime directly on the site., no registration required

Watchanime streaming site

If has gained exclusivity with a lot of viewers, it’s because it doesn’t require registration. You arrive when you want, you watch or download your videos for free and leave incognito.

The collection of anime is large, and you can watch in various high quality resolutions, original or dubbed.

Is it legal to watch streams?

Absolutely! Streaming, which means “broadcasting”, is a legal activity. This involves broadcasting video content that is specific to you and / or that belongs to another natural or legal person. In the event that the content is not your property, you must acquire publication rights, and this is where illegality can arise.

Indeed, some rule breakers find unorthodox ways to obtain content and distribute it illegally.

Legal alternatives to all these sites to watch your anime streaming

In case you are in doubt about the legal aspect of any of the platforms presented above, there are other globally recognized houses in 100% legal streaming. They produce a large part of their content themselves, which they distribute exclusively on their platforms.

These are for example:

  • International Netflix and its affordable subscription package
  • From Disney +, not yet available everywhere
  • From Amazon Prime Video, latest arrival in France
  • D’OCS Go Orange
  • Or CANAL + Séries
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