Top 10 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows

Streaming series has become the favorite pastime of many young people and even adults. To access their favorite series, old or new, they scan the web daily for good streaming sites, which in itself is not always easy to do.

If this is your case, to help you quickly find a reliable site, here we present our pick of the 10 best streaming sites to watch series.

Leader in free streaming of series in France, this platform, with more than 17,000 visitors per day, collects and hosts all the video links available on the YouTube and Vimeo sites. It also enters into partnerships with TV channels in French-speaking countries in order to store and stream series from these channels.

On Zone Streaming, you can easily find your legendary series in French, and no need to register or subscribe to watch them in high definition and unlimited.

Wikiserie streaming site web page

Hosted in the USA, this site is one of the favorites among the French, who count among its 365,000 daily visitors. There is a whole catalog of series translated into French, to watch for free and in very good quality.

At Wikiserie, each series available is listed with all the episodes of all the seasons: it is a point of honor for him. You can do a quick and efficient search of your series in the bar provided for this purpose, or rather search by genre or popularity.

Streaming site web page Streaming site

Serie Streaming is an American site very popular with Tunisians. It totals over 5,000 visitors every 24 hours, and visitors don’t need to register or subscribe to stream their favorite series. You just go to the site and you can watch any series from the catalog offered.

Serie Streaming has a well-stocked collection with around 80% of movie productions. On the interface, you can see the current trending series and you can also search by genre.

Free serial streaming site web page

With around 10,000 daily visitors, this American site has delighted the hearts of many French people with its streaming of American series in French. The content is streamed live or replayed, and you can download it for free for your future enjoyment.

On FreeSeries, videos are listed by default by year: from most recent to oldest. But you can also search for series in alphabetical order.

Web page Streaming site Papystreaming

Papystreaming is a well-known site in the world of streaming movies and series of all kinds. Receiving more than 8,000 visitors per day, it is a site hosted in the United States which offers high definition content.

On the bill, it presents the most recent and popular series, generally available in French or in their original version with subtitles. You can also search for old-fashioned series using the provided search bar.

Streaming site web page voir serie

Unlike its neighbor Voirfilms which offers streaming films, Voirséries specializes in the streaming of series, and predominantly dominates the sector. Hosted in the USA, VoirSéries has more than 110,000 visitors per day, many of them French.

Not only can you watch your favorite series in very good resolution, but you can also download them for free, without the need to subscribe or register. The home interface is quite captivating with the presentation of the flagship series of the moment.

Frenchstream streaming site web page

Make no mistake, this is not a French site. It is indeed a site hosted in the United States which makes the satisfaction of many French people. There are no less than 90,000 visitors to the site every day.

The content includes series and feature films, and manga in French very diverse and listed on the 815 pages of the site.

VKstream streaming site web page

These are both sites hosted in the United States, which are virtually identical in terms of content and sections. They each have about 200 visits per day, and offer free French and American series.

On VkStream, you can watch your programs non-stop and without delay, and on En Serie, you very often have access to previews of new series, so even before they are broadcast on TV channels.

Mystream streaming site web page

Registering more than 15,000 visitors every day, MyStream is an American host of films and series of all categories. You can watch your series for free, recent or old, unlimited and without having to register or subscribe.

MyStream has a well-stocked interface with different series offered at random every day on the home page. You can search for a series of your choice by genre, year or title.

Wiki streamin site web page serie1

Even if it is also of American origin, Wiki-Series is not to be confused with the Wikiserie developed above. It is a free streaming platform for original TV series in French, which attracts around 4,000 visitors every day.

Available in all seasons and episodes, the series are frequently updated and listed in descending order of year of production. You can search and find any series and watch it continuously, in high definition and bug-free.

Please note that streaming is not always legal

Very widespread today on the web, streaming is an indisputably successful activity, but not always legal, especially when it is free. Indeed, to broadcast content in streamings, you must first have the copyright.

However, most of the sites found on the internet, even the most famous, do not have copyright. And the law is clear about the penalties it provides in this case, even if it is difficult to find culprits on the internet.

Alternative to these different sites to watch streamings legally

To protect yourself from any sanction provided for by law and stream legally, you can subscribe to the famous completely legal streaming platforms. There are several that are accessible worldwide for the most part, at variable plans and affordable even for students and the less well off.

You can open an account for example on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus or on Orange Cinéma Séries. Count approximately between 4 and 10 € for a monthly subscription on one of these platforms.

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