Top 10 Best Streaming Sites to Watch Soccer

With the proliferation of sports streaming platforms today, many internet users find it difficult to find reliable sites to watch football games online with ease.

If this is your case, don’t worry anymore! In this top 10 of the best sports streaming sites, we have identified and selected for you the reference platforms, essential for watching football live and streaming in the best conditions.

1. Live TV

It is one of the best references in sports streaming. This free site entirely dedicated to sporting events provides live broadcasting of all football matches. From Live TV you can follow all matches of the Champions League, League 1 and 2, as well as the matches of the English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesligua and many other championships, live or in time. .

The site also offers you live scores, match summaries. The visual and sound quality of the broadcasts is satisfactory. Registration is free and allows you to benefit from all the advantages offered by the site.

2. Sport Lemon

Sportlemon streaming site web page

It is a multisport streaming site which has the merit of offering fairly good quality live streams for various categories of sporting events. The live streaming offer integrates the broadcasting of football, hockey, American football and many others. The particularity of Sport Lemon is to ensure the sharing of links to free streams for all sporting events. Here the links are generally shared by those responsible for the platform, but they can also be added by the many users of the site.

3. Haha Sport

Haha sport streaming website web page

Football holds a prominent place in the streaming offer offered by Haha Sport. On this platform, you have the possibility to watch live the various matches of your favorite clubs, the UEFA champions league, as well as many other sporting events.

Haha Sport is completely free for everyone and accessible through any web browser. The video streams are of high quality, broadcast on a minimalist web interface, with little advertising in order to facilitate navigation and provide users with a better viewing experience.


Web page 1 2 3 sport

This French streaming platform allows you to follow live football matches for free. 123sportTV offers HD video streams to watch the biggest sporting events live. You can watch all the matches of the Champions League and the Europa League for free and consult the scores live…, but also watch live most of the French sports channels.

5. Streaming sports TV

Sport tv streaming website web page

Streaming Sport TV is a multi-channel platform offering a wide choice of streaming for almost all sports (Football, NBA, Tenis, volleyball, etc.). The site provides direct streaming of many sports channels in French. Count on average 50 channels including Canal + Sport, Being, Eurosport, RMC Sport, TeleFoot, all of which you can watch online for free.

7. Live Foot

live foot streaming site web page

This streaming platform exclusively dedicated to football is the privileged meeting place for enthusiasts, fans and fans of football. The site is 100% French and allows you not to miss any football news in its entirety: transfer window, player transfers, information relating to clubs, match schedules, etc. But on Live Foot you also and above all have the possibility to watch all football matches broadcast live for free wherever you are.

8. RojaDirecta

Rojadirecta streaming site web page

It is renowned for being one of the largest sports streaming platforms in the world. It’s a completely free site where you can find video feeds for all the sporting events you want to watch online.

Here, you have the possibility not only to watch the various football matches live, but also to watch live some of the best TV channels dedicated to sport. No registration or subscription is required to use this platform which promises a simple and comfortable streaming experience.

9. Stream 2 watch

Streaming website web page 2 watch

This platform offers one of the most complete sports streaming offers. It ensures the streaming of an impressive number of sporting events around the world and also allows its users to enjoy multiple TV channels online. Here you have the opportunity to select and watch the sport categories that interest you. Football fans can easily find their way to football matches. The content is of high quality, although most of it is broadcast in English.

10. Live Match

Live match streaming website web page

This French platform is ideal for watching your football matches live and for free from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Note, however, that it is more focused on full match details, live scores, as well as the results of each match. The platform is accessible from its web interface or via its free downloadable mobile application.

Are these platforms legal for streaming football?

The retransmission and viewing of online sporting events are subject to a legal framework and it is clear that the sports streaming sites listed above do not really respect it.

These are mainly illegal or pirate sites that broadcast sports matches without agreement or payment of the rights provided, while making significant profits through advertising.

Be aware that the retransmission or viewing of football matches without prior authorization is reprehensible from the point of view of the law. You are therefore advised to venture there at your own risk.

Alternative to these different sites to watch streamings legally

Many alternative solutions exist and are offered by leading providers such as CANAL +, Being Sport, RMC sport, ESPN among others, which allow you to legally enjoy streaming sport.

If these services are of quality, it is clear that they are struggling to impose themselves on the market. The disadvantage here is mainly due to the obligation to have to take out periodic subscriptions.

In addition, the service offer and the benefits are generally incomplete, it is often necessary to subscribe on several different platforms, which can be expensive in the long term. However, legal streaming remains the recommended and preferred option for enjoying content broadcast online.

How to watch football legally?

France has become the European champion in illegal streaming consumption, and we cannot say that it is tending to decrease. The proof is: the last series the Mandalorian, broadcast on Disney Plus, passed before the cult series Game of Thrones. Sport, and football in particular, is obviously one of the big consumers of illegal streaming. The risks are much more pernicious and devious. To end with illegal streaming, know that this represents 10.5 billion visits in France.

  • The BeIn offer: Two options are available. The first is done through your internet operator. You will have to pay 15 euros per month, without commitment, to take advantage of the 10 channels offered by the group. The other option is for you, if you are used to watching sports on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Here again, the price is 15 euros per month, but cannot be combined with the offer of your internet operator. You will have at your disposal hand, rugby but also and above all, football, with all of La Liga, Ligue 2 and many other sporting events.
  • The RMC sport offer: if you are lucky enough to have an SFR subscription, you can benefit from a preferential rate of 9 euros per month. If you are at Red, you will have to pay 19 euros per month. Finally, for other operators, you can benefit from 19 euros per month, only if you commit for 12 months, otherwise the price rises to 25 euros. If you want to enjoy all the matches in league 1, know that you can opt for the RMC + telefoot offer, for 29 euros per month. Finally and to be complete on the subject, Telefoot also offers a day pass for only 4 euros.
  • The channel offer: As you know today, Canal Plus has lost a lot of sporting rights, but the offer is not devoid of interest. Today, for example, you can find an offer offering Canal Plus, Bein and RMC Sport for only 25 euros per month, with a 24-month commitment.

There is one last thing and it is not the easiest: knowing which game is being broadcast and where. In this case, nothing could be simpler, just go to the site that will help you get away with streaming football. This is

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