Top 10 Free Streaming Sites!

Are you looking for free streaming solutions to watch your favorite Movies, TV Shows and Anime? Look no further and in vain! We have taken care to identify and select for you the best free streaming platforms in French, unlimited and without ads.

From Papystreaming to All Stream, including Radego, HD, Full Movie,, Galtro, and more, we present you the top 10 sites to visit to watch your movies and series online for free.

N ° 1 – Papystreaming, the most famous

Placed at the top of our ranking, it is one of the most famous and popular streaming platforms in France. The site is known for listing almost all of the latest news in films, series and animated films.

Papystreaming stands out for the richness of its catalog: here you have free access to one of the largest catalogs of films, TV series and animated VF and VOSTFR available online. In addition, the video content is generally of good quality.

In addition, access to the site is unlimited and does not necessarily require an account. Finally Papystreaming is free from unwanted and annoying advertising. However, you will need to install the Cacaoweb plugin in order to take full advantage of the site.

N ° 2 – Radego, streaming without registration

Radego streaming site

Almost as famous as Papystreaming, this French streaming site will be a hit if you’re looking for a free, ad-free platform to watch HD movies on. Radego offers a simple, clear and intuitive interface making it easier for visitors to navigate. The site is specialized in films of all kinds. You will therefore not find any TV series or section dedicated to anime. Note that Radego is completely free: no registration is required, no reading time limit and above all very little advertising.

N ° 3 – HD, quality

HDlightstream streaming site

On HD LightStreaming you can stream or download your favorite movies for free. The platform brings together most of the amenities to offer a fairly pleasant streaming experience without ads. Indeed, the simple and attractive interface of the site allows smooth navigation. The videos are offered in HD format. In addition, streaming on the site is free, without an account and with no limit on playing time.

N ° 4 – Full Movie, unlimited streaming

Full Movie Streaming Site

Full Film offers you free and unlimited access to a vast catalog of full films in French. You will find an interesting selection of the biggest box office hits, but also the new releases listed for your greatest happiness. The site is not ad-free, which limits the browsing experience a bit. However, it compensates with the quality of the HD content, the absence of time constraints, as well as the recent addition of a section for TV series.

N ° 5 – Filmstreaming, the simplicity of streaming

Movie streaming site filmstreaming1

Another interesting platform to add to your bookmark is Filmstreaming. This streaming site with a simple but effective design gives you free access to an impressive selection of unlimited content. Here, the catalog is organized into three sections Films, Series and Animated, sorted by category to simplify navigation. However, like many platforms of its kind, Filmstreaming is a censored site. So the address is constantly updated, which does not facilitate access.

N ° 6 –, a good organization

Streamess streaming site

This streaming platform is quite similar to other sites in terms of organization and content. We therefore remain on the principle of free, with a relatively simple and fluid interface. Access is free and without time limit for films that you can watch directly online from your computer’s web browser or smartphone.

N ° 7 – StreamComplet, a complete catalog

Streamcomplet streaming site

A relatively recent platform, StremComplet impresses with the scope of the content it offers. Are you a cinema lover? You will find on this site all your favorite movie categories, as well as the latest new movies in free streaming. The site’s catalog has a little over 6,700 films classified into 13 distinct categories. However, the content offer remains relatively limited due to the lack of sections for series and anime.

N ° 8 – Galtro now ITZOR

itzor streaming site

Today ITZOR, Galtro has changed its name and address (now The big specialty here is the movies. On this French platform, you will find all the exclusives and latest film releases in VF and VOSTFR. The updated platform offers you a free, unlimited and ad-free streaming experience, on a very minimalist web interface which has the advantage of simplifying your navigation.

N ° 9 – Streamay, all the news

Streamay free streaming site

You will find on Streamay a large selection of films (new and exclusive) in free streaming. The films are mostly in HD and have no limit on playing time. You also have the option of requesting the addition of a missing film on the site. However, this is not the platform to look for for fans of TV Series and Mangas.

N ° 10 – All stream, a wide selection

Allstream free streaming site

On All stream you have access to a very wide selection of visual content including films, series, animated films, documentaries … all for free and with very little advertising. However, it seems that the platform is currently unavailable.

Is it illegal to watch streams on these platforms?

Note that almost all of the above platforms are illegal streaming sites, as they mainly broadcast content without authorization and in violation of relevant provisions of property rights, in particular copyright.

It is therefore in principle illegal for any user to view or download content illegally distributed on these platforms. However, in the opinion of experts, European and French legislation on online streaming remains unclear.

If in practice, justice is stricter with regard to broadcasters, you as an internet user are advised to favor legal streaming services.

How to enjoy streaming legally?

To stay legal, you obviously need to steer clear of illegal streaming platforms (which means being able to recognize them). Then you have to make the choice of legal streaming services. The offer in this area is quite developed both in France and at European and international level.

Premium solutions are offered to you by reference platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV Plus, Disney +, OCS etc. However, these offers are not free: you must register and subscribe to subscription plans.

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