Top 10 Girl and Boy Names 2020

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The choice of first name of a newborn is a milestone for new parents. But which first name to turn to? If you need to be guided in your choice, here is the top 10 first names for girls and boys.

The best girl names

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When a newborn baby arrives, choosing his first name is an important task that can prove difficult. Check out our list of the best girl names.


Of German and Hebrew origin “Immanouel” which means “God is with us”, it characterizes independent and voluntary women whose determination and creativity are the main qualities.


Of Hispanic origin, Jade comes from the first name Ijada which means “Entrails”. Women with this first name are seen as passionate, determined by hard work, altruistic and loyal.


Coming from the Germanic words “Hlod” & “Wig” which means: glory and fight, Louise represents women with a lot of charm, but discreet.


Of German origin and derived from the first name Adalhaid, Alice means “Noble”. This name represents charming, elegant and open-minded women. Having an attraction for artistic related fields, they are also endowed with a lot of wisdom and positivity.


Of Greek origin, the first name Chloe is attributed to the goddess of the harvest. Curious and surprising, they arouse the mystery around her. They are also emotional women who can be impulsive and withdraw into themselves.


Coming from several origins, Lina is often the diminutive of other first names. It can mean “Precious Beauty” or even “Messenger” and is worn by passionate women whose tolerance and compassion are a leitmotif.


French first name derived from the Latin Rosa, Rose comes from the flower of the same name. The women wearing it are as strong, courageous and determined. They generally excel in trades related to entrepreneurship.


Originating from the Hebrew Le’ah which means “tired”, it is a first name which represents the authentic woman. Very sensitive and fair, the “Leahs” prefer to focus on humanitarian professions.


Of Hebrew origins, Anna is derived from the first name Hannah which means “grace”. Characterized by intelligence, passion and curiosity, they are perfectionist women who can’t stand mediocrity.


Of Slavic origin and inspired by the term “Miléna”, Mila means “loved by the people”. Generally characterized by organization, perfectionism or even creativity, “Milas” are elusive brilliant women.

The best boy names

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Choosing the boy’s first name can be difficult. Check out our list of the best boy names.


Of Hebrew origin, Gabriel means “God” and “strength”. Boys with this first name are often gentle, sensitive, and honest. They are excellent friends whose cheerful and smiling natures brighten up the places they pass.


Of Hebrew origin and composed of “raffia” and “el”, this first name means: God heals. Sensitive and intelligent, the “Raphaels” are quick-witted people who are open to the world. They tend to focus on rare trades that help people.


Of Latin origin and meaning “lion”, the first name Léo represents strength and bravery. Curious, independent and courageous, they are conscientious people whose stress is not part of the way of life. Finally, they are attentive and opt for professions related to communication.


Louis means glory and fight. It characterizes thoughtful men whose assurance is reassuring. They are protective people who spend their lives on the family spirit. However, their trust is hard to gain.


From the Greek term “Leukos” which means “White” or “Brilliant”, Lucas is a first name characterized by men having an appetite for reflection. Organized, directive and diplomat, he is oriented towards professions related to politics. However, they remain reserved persons in their private life.


Coming from the Hebrew “Adama” which means “made in red earth”, the first name Adam is very evocative. In addition to recalling the first man created by God in the Christian religion, it is often worn by ambitious and responsible people. Continuously in search of perfection, they have an appetite for teamwork.


Of Celtic origin, the first name Arthur means “Bear” and is worn by curious, open-minded and social people. Reliable, sincere and with a strong heart, you can count on them at all times.


Derived from the Latin “Julius” which means “descendant of Jupiter”, the first name Jules is characterized by people with a strong moral sense. They are ambitious people who are not afraid of obstacles and who have only one word. They excel in professions related to management and the business world.


Derived from the Germanic term “Hug” which means “Intelligence” or “spirit”, this first name includes emotional men who reject conflict. These people have an appetite for professions related to diplomacy. They are generally strong and care about equality and justice.


Coming from Breton and meaning “prince”, Maël designates people full of energy and strong in spirit. People who bear this first name have an introverted side that offers them intuition and a vivid imagination.

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